That’s What Husbands Are For

Last Friday morning, my blog was starting to look exactly the way I wanted it to. By Friday evening, I had messed something up and nothing looked the same anymore. It all started when I pasted my Google Friends Connect code into a custom code box instead of a widget box. My theme went berserk, and I couldn’t recover from my mistake. The funny thing about that mistake is that in a few months, Google is ending GFC for WordPress blogs! And just after I reached 200 followers. Gah!

I sprawled on the couch crying, looking and acting like a petulant toddler demanding ice cream.

The disadvantage of having a lower freezer.

I cried that I wasn’t smart enough to do this; I contemplated going back to Blogger; I cursed my lack of research; I regretted making my new blog public before it was perfect. And yes, I do have a backup of my blog before my mistake, but what good is a backup when you don’t know how to restore it to WordPress?

All the while, Ed sat by me and consoled me. He told me his programming problems at work, he told me I would figure it out. We brainstormed solutions. Most of all, he sat and listened to me.

In the end, I decided to go back to the previous version of the theme I had purchased, to wait until I watched more tutorials and figured out a few more things. Most of all, I just wanted to write again. But first, I needed a break. I barely touched the computer all weekend. I read my book, made scrambled eggs for breakfast, and re-caulked my shower. I played Labyrinth with the girls and took them to a Bethlehem Walk.

Thinking about all that time I spent on my blog design, just to lose it all, I realized it wasn’t all wasted time. For two days, I had an invalid feed, but I figured out how to make it valid again. After installed two different comment plugins, and having both the plugin and default comment forms appear on my blog, I posted in my theme’s forum and they discovered that duplicate comment forms was a bug in the new theme. They’re working to resolve that problem. Even though Lemon Drop Pie doesn’t look the way I envisioned it, I have accomplished some things.

When I thanked Ed for listening to me whine about my blog, he said, “That’s what I’m here for.” He couldn’t solve my problems, but he did just what I needed him to do. Listen.

26 Replies to “That’s What Husbands Are For”

  1. Aww! Sounds very stressful šŸ™ I like the design you have here, and I hope you are getting the hang of WordPress..I've considered switching myself. We'll see. And love the picture, by the way! Haha.

  2. At least you didn't have these problems in the middle of National Blog Posting Month! (Congrats on making it through, by the way!)

    Also, you are lucky to have someone who will listen. When my laptop completely died on me in the middle of NaNoWriMo, no one was around to listen to my screaming. Wait, maybe that's a good thing. šŸ™‚

    1. Yikes! Your laptop died? That must have been very stressful! I see from your blog that you were able to finish NaNoWriMo regardless…congratulations!

  3. Love it, Ginny! I like your blog design. And I love that your hubby just listened to you even though you were having a meltdown (I had one of those last week when I learned last minute we needed to go to an unplanned family event and I was already pressed for time) and he just listened and loved me through it. We're blessed I tell you! šŸ™‚

  4. I believe it takes a sense of humour to be a blogger! I have quit so many times its not funny! I always come back because I really do enjoy it! What will happen to GFC? I have not heard this and I am finally building followers also?! What will we need to change to? Have a great day:)

    1. From what I've heard, Google will keep GFC for Blogger blogs, but by next March, WordPress users won't be able to use it. So you will probably be okay!

    1. I took it a couple of years ago. She really opened the freezer to get out the ice cream! (But my answer was still no!)

  5. I had a similar situation early on in my blog – lost everything. I cried and cried. And my husband tried his best to make me feel better. I'm glad you have a husband who listened and was supportive – I know how thankful I was mine was there for me then.

    And, as for GFC, sigh… I'm one away from 200 and was so psyched, and now, blah!

  6. I recently moved from blogger to wp after taking a workshop from DIYMinistry. I have had a lot of problems (I feel like I am back in school!) but those guys have been amazing! I actually screwed up one blog so bad – I wasn't that happy with it anyway – so started the one I have now… Seems we have a few things in common!

    Have a wonderful day and cute pic of the little kiddo šŸ™‚

  7. Well, in any case, your blog looks very sleek and modern now! And don't worry about GFC. I think a lot of bloggers are going away from using it anyways. I don't think I've had a new follower in months! It's not a true representation of the people who read your blog on a regular basis. Hope that makes you feel better! šŸ™‚

  8. Ginny, thank you for your honesty here and now I can tell you something. I originally started my blog on WordPress last year, but I had to abandon it for Blogger. WordPress made me feel stupid. šŸ™‚

    I think your blog looks great!

    1. Thanks for your confession, Stacey! I'm glad I wrote this post–all the comments have really helped me feel better!

    1. My husband IS that guy at work, but he doesn't know much about blogging programs! I hope you got your printer working again.

  9. The reason I never got on with WordPress was that I didn't want to figure everything out anew again. So I applaud you for trying and persevering!

    And I told you in the past: get me an Ed 'clone' please!!

    1. I thought about moving to WordPress for a couple of years before I actually took the plunge. I'm still adjusting!

  10. Just Listen. I love it. Venting to someone can be so freeing!

    Are you on Google+? I think that's what Google is pushing for blogs to use instead of GFC.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend šŸ™‚

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