Where in the World?

Where in the world are you this Wednesday? Whether you’ve traveled the globe or have merely gotten lost in a book, I’d love to read about the places you go! Have you documented your kids riding a camel in Egypt or clinging to a carousel horse at the mall? Whether you’ve traveled the country or stepped out to your own backyard, share with us: Where in the world are you?

Ed is at work today, but I know this is where he wishes he could be: on a porch at a log cabin in a rocking chair with his baby! I took this picture during our trip to Southern Illinois in 2005.


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4 Replies to “Where in the World?”

  1. I really am in my backyard. Lovely south Florida, soon to be swamped with rain from what I gather. At we got a swim in today. 🙂

  2. I too wish I was at a cabin with my babies! My Where in the World post is still sitting in draft form on my computer, but I guess it's an early start for next week, right!!

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