More Than You Wanted to Know About Ginny

Mara from Weighty Matters tagged me a while ago with the task of answering the following questions:

1. What is the best sound you ever heard?

We would be watching TV with my mom and just laughing hysterically, but Mom would just be smiling. We would ask her why she wasn’t laughing, and she would say, “I’m laughing on the inside.” So whenever we got her to laugh hysterically, it was doubly funny, and we would all laugh until tears rolled down our faces. So I think Mom’s laugh is a pretty good sound to remember.

2. They offer you a film role. What role would you play?

When I participated in a Young Author’s Convention as a teacher, I was put in charge of a group of sixth grade girls. This was years and years ago, when there was a new show on TV called Ellen. The girls told me I looked like Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen was also the voice for the forgetful fish Dory in Finding Nemo, and I have been having a lot of Dory moments lately. So I think the role of Dory would be perfect for me! I don’t want to brag, but I also speak a little Whale, which makes me perfect for the role.

3. What is the best thing about where you live?

I love, love, LOVE my backyard. I need to spend more time out there.

 Lily and Emmy playing in the sprinkler.

4. If you had a magical power, what would it be?

To stop whining with just one look!

5. One of those telemarketeers rings you up. How do you deal with them?

Sometimes I tell them I lost my job. So what if it six years ago and I left voluntarily when I was pregnant with Lily…I don’t include those details!

6. What would you not write about in your blog?

My sex life. Nobody wants to hear about that.

7. Do you have a tattoo? If so, where? If not, would you ever get one?

No tattoos. My mom and I often tossed around the idea of getting a tattoo on our mastectomy scars, and I even drew out a picture of an ivy plant that I thought would look nice.

8. You HAVE to watch a sports game. Would it be football (the soccer variety), football (the American variety), tennis, Formula 1 racing or chess?

I like watching tennis. One year I remember getting wrapped up in watching the Wimbledon, probably because NBC was broadcasting it during my soap opera, Days of Our Lives. I haven’t watched Days of Our Lives for years. I wonder how things are in the town of Salem?

Holy Cow! I just googled Wimbledon, and it’s going on right now! I’d better get caught up…

9. If you had the chance, would you go to the moon?

I once wrote a post about the moon: What if the Moon Really Was Made Out of Cheese? I would jump at the chance to go find out for sure!

10. Do you own your (adopted) country’s flag and do you fly it?

Yes, we do own our country’s flag (USA!) and we should get it out to fly this weekend for July 4 – our Independence Day!

Those were awesome questions, Mara!

In your comment, why don’t you pick one of the above questions and leave your answer? I’d love to read what YOU would say!


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8 Replies to “More Than You Wanted to Know About Ginny”

  1. If they do a Nemo 2, you can play Dory! That's funny. I love Ellen.The pic of the girls is adorable. Sprinklers are a great time killer, lots of fun around here too! (G is responsible for the FL droughts the past 3 summers).

  2. I love your answers. And do you know, even though I came up with the questions, I don't even own a flag of my own country. Although I might get one soon: the Netherlands beat Brazil in soccer today (mind you, I preferred watching the tennis at Wimbledon)

  3. I totally do the same thing with the telemarketers. I claim I am currently unemployed.And wow, you are bilingual. How cool! : )

  4. Great answers! I love the first one too, what a great childhood memory! I would love to be able to stop whining with one look too!!

  5. I used to get so frustrated when tennis disrupted the goings ons in Salem. Like you, it has been forever though. I think the last time I caught a few minutes of the show, Hope was killing and not knowing it or something, LOL!

  6. You speak whale! I would have never guessed! 🙂 My favorite sport to watch is not listed. I don't ever miss an MMA fight (mixed martial arts). As for my super power, I think about this one a lot but there are just so many pros and cons to all of them! Q for you: which is better – to have been born with super powers or to to gain them in life?

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