Where in the World? Bear Lake and Alberta Falls

The same day that we conquered the zip line, we headed up to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. After driving through three days of rain to get to Colorado, we were so blessed to have four clear, sunshiny days in the Rockies. We couldn’t have asked for better hiking weather.

I loved the crisp air, the blue skies, and the clear blue water.

I loved the cascading waterfalls.
I’ve started to take picture of signs. 
Since  I use a digital camera, I don’t feel like I am wasting film.
This way I don’t forget the names of the beautiful places we hike to.
I loved this little rose bush, growing in a rock.
I loved my hiking buddies.
 Taking in the view – Lily, Ed, and “Aunt S.”
Resting after our steep hike up to the waterfall
Where in the World are YOU?


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6 Replies to “Where in the World? Bear Lake and Alberta Falls”

  1. How awesome — you guys will never forget this trip. We were there on June 8, 2009. The hike past Bear Lake to Dream Lake and Nymph Lake was gorgeous. Snow everywhere and us in shorts. The hike to Cub Lake is long and in another area of the park but really, really nice.Keep the info coming!

  2. Great photos! My posting schedule still hasn't recovered from vacation/birthday/summer laziness, but hoping to get back to your where in the world link-up soon!

  3. Those do look like great hiking buddies! I love rapid, rocky waters. Probably because we don't have any here in FL.

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