Friday Follow-Up

Last week, I wrote about some of the difficulties I had while recovering from breast cancer. At the end of my post, I wrote about Kyle:

Connecting with another young cancer survivor gave me a boost. It didn’t matter that we were in remission from different cancers, it just helped to talk to someone who knew what cancer was like, someone who was living life after cancer.

I don’t know where Kyle is now, but I think he’s probably living life to its fullest. Just like me.

Through Facebook, Kyle’s wife found out about my post on Lemon Drop Pie and left this comment:

I can tell you where Kyle is! …Dave passed on that you’d mentioned him in your blog! Kyle’s doing great, no recurrence, and we now have 3 beautiful children thanks to the wonders of modern medicine! Glad you are on the other side of cancer, too! Wendy

The Internet is an amazing thing! And I’m so glad that I was right…Kyle IS living life to the fullest! Thanks, Wendy, for leaving a comment!

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