Odds ‘n Ends

This was the view outside my window this morning. We got another inch or two of snow last night, but that measly amount is so much better than the 7 to 10 inches the weather service was predicting earlier last week. So I decided to spend the day indoors, “cleaning.” I spent a whole lot of time trying to get things organized and put away, and the results of my efforts? The house looks exactly the same now as it did this morning.

A productive note–I finished my whatchamacallit! (Translation — I ran out of yarn. Who knew knitting took up so much yarn?) Emmy quickly claimed this piece of knitting as her baby doll’s blanket.

Which meant I had to knit Lily’s dog Cherie a little blanket as well.

I’ve started my next project, a scarf for me! (This time, I have plenty of yarn to finish it.) The scarf is going to take a while, so it will be spring by the time I finish it. Or maybe it will be winter again…it’s supposed to be a long scarf. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a sneak preview over on my sidebar later this week!

8 Replies to “Odds ‘n Ends”

  1. It may look the same but I am sure it's more organized. Love the little blankets. I pray you continue to love the knitting.

  2. We have more snow today. But I think it's only going to be flurries. I would love to learn how to knit. It's on my list of things to do.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Oh, I love the blankets! We have that same baby doll (two, twins!) but they're cold since I'm not crafty enough to knit them anything. Good luck with the scarf! I start my sewing classes in March!

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