Completely Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • The temperature is above freezing today, so chunks of ice and snow are falling off of all the tree branches. The ice hitting our car roof as we drive through the neighborhood makes it sound like we’re driving through a hail storm.
  • Lately I’ve been feeling like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland…”I’m late! I’m late!” If I’m always running late, how will I ever catch up?
  • Maybe I need to take notes from Aesop’s Tortoise. “Slow and steady wins the race.”
  • I don’t think this philosophy is valid during the Olympics.
  • I’m thinking I should start spring cleaning now. Once spring actually arrives, I’ll want to be outside, not inside, cleaning.
  • Have I ever actually spring cleaned? Hmm.
  • Whenever we have rice for dinner, half of the girls’ servings end up on the floor. It’s so sticky that it’s hard to sweep or vacuum up. Same with grated cheese or spaghetti. Makes me wonder: Is it worth getting a dog to eat all the food the girls drop on the floor?
  • If I get one more follower, I’ll be at an even 60! Whoo-hoo!
  • Remember being assigned a 500 word essay, and then counting every single word as you wrote to make sure your essay was long enough? That’s how I feel today. Is this post long enough to qualify for Random Tuesday Thoughts? And does “whoo-hoo” count as one word or two?

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6 Replies to “Completely Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Oh Ginny Sweetie…You are so precious. I love your post. I have to tell you, yes it is worth having a dog to clean up after the kids, I love it. If I drop something I call my "Bruiser" boy and he comes and cleans it up for me. Usually thanks me too.Yes I think you can count woo hoo as 2 words. To cute sweetie.I have been praying for your family, and I pray you are all well and getting back into the swing of things again. I have not forgotten your needs for prayer.Thank you for posting. I so love it when you do. Have a beautiful evening, and consider getting one of those human vaccums, they really do work cheap and save you on the back from bending over.Love and Country hugs…Sherry

  2. It could have been a one liner and qualified for RTT! Glad it's at least a little warmer today but it sounds dangerous to be outdoors. Don't walk under any trees! We have two dogs and they're not allowed anywhere near our high chairs, it yucks me to think of them licking up food where my kids eat. Well, they lick the floor when they think we're not looking but still, you wouldn't like it.

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