Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Do Your Kids Play with Toy Guns?

While I was in the bathroom yesterday morning, getting ready for church, Lily and Emmy were dancing in my bedroom, wearing their fancy dresses for church and their fairy wings. They pranced around, waving their fairy wands. All of a sudden, I heard Lily say, “You’re dead!” to Emmy. What? Did I hear that right?

I walked into the bedroom, and Lily had a small, orange water gun. She explained that they were playing “Good Fairy, Bad Fairy.” Emmy started whacking Lily with her fairy wand, and I confiscated it.

I had always been told that boys will pick up sticks to use as guns, or use their fingers to shoot their friends as they play. I never expected this from my girls! Here we were, preparing to go worship the Prince of Peace, and Lily and Emmy are running around pretending to kill each other!

While I didn’t actually take the water gun away, I stopped the game and we went downstairs to go to church. The rest of our day was relatively peaceful, if I don’t count the normal bickering and rough housing the girls do!

Do you let your children play pretend with guns, and let them “kill” each other? I’d like to hear your opinions!

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10 Replies to “Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Do Your Kids Play with Toy Guns?”

  1. No, I don't "let" them, and they are diciplined whenever they say they are going to kill each other or if they shoot each other, but it does happen. I am okay with my kids having toys like swords and such- though they don't have any guns. Even when they play against imaginary badguys, I don't let them shoot- I tell them that we don't kill badguys, they go to jail. Unless Mahone is playing Transformers, because he has an arm cannon (Bumblebee) and he can shoot at other imaginary transformers. But that's all.

  2. Good Morning Ginny Marie…Absolutely not. Our lives have turned into gangs, gunshots, beatings, murder, every day on the news we hear it again and again.I tell my grandchildren we do not play with guns of any kind. To many instances where youngsters were shot and killed by police, because the gun they were holding looked so real, it was mistaken.Living in Phoenix, we see and hear about gun shot victims every day. Nope my grnadchildren are not allowed to play with toy guns at my house. To my knowledge their houses either.When we were little capguns were fun, there weren't the killings that are going on today. We mimicked Gunsmoke and the good guys like Matt Dillon.Way to go Ginny. We all have to start somewhere. You started with 2little girls named Emmy and Lily. I commend you.Have a beautiful day sweetie. Happy Monday. Will you be my Valentine? Country hugs, Sherry

  3. I can't really comment on this, having neither sons nor daughters. I do however never ever buy anything war/soldier related for any of my nieces/nephew/friends' children. There's enough violence in the world without me adding it to a child's life.

  4. I have not given my boys any toy guns or any other weapon…yet they build them out of blocks or pretend that something is a gun. I don't really like it, and we talk about how it's not nice and if they really killed someone, that person wouldn't be here ever again and how that would make us sad so we shouldn't even pretend about it.

  5. I definitely think guns are a boy thing. My nephews were really into it. They are allowed to play but not point guns at a person. I'm a mom of 2 girls so I'm pretty anti guns. We don't really even use the term "kill" around our daughter. Call it sheltering her but it's really not a topic she needs to be concerned with at 6 years old. But…that's just me.

  6. Absolutely not. Guns are not toys, that's my motto anyway. Anything my kids get toy wise that has a gun, the gun part is immediately taken away. I get that kids need imagination and all that but I think I'd prefer they do it in other ways.

  7. I got very upset with Jonathan yesterday because he was blasting people with his robot…Little People from Fisher Price."He's a boy," his father said."So what…he doesn't have to blast people with his robot," I said.I'm not sure what to do about it all….he's a boy, yes…but he doesn't have to be a violent boy!

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