I love Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies! I opened the box, and my kitchen smelled like Emmy had spilled a whole bottle of maple syrup on the floor. Mmmm! Syrup! These cookies are incredibly good, especially the maple syrup cream! I’m a maple syrup convert…my parents don’t like syrup, so we never had it growing up. I never knew what REAL maple syrup tasted like until Ed convinced me to pour some on my french toast one day. It was a bottle of 100% pure maple syrup, the real stuff, not diluted “maple flavoring.” I converted immediately! (Although there’s nothing like a little butter and sugar on pancakes.)

Getting Emmy dressed in the morning (a feat in itself considering Emmy is TWO) is such a pain when I have the cutest pants for her to wear with an adorable matching zippered sweatshirt, and no matching shirt to go underneath. I rummage through her dresser like a mad woman looking for something…anything…to wear under said sweatshirt. This is why Emmy often clashes. These two-piece sets should definitely be sold as three-piece outfits. Just one of my pet peeves.

Do you have any love/hate you’d like to share?

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5 Replies to “Love/Hate”

  1. I just tried maple candy this week. omg, why didn't anyone tell me about it before? So good!!!I'm tired of my ink pens not working regularly. I have to keep taking a scratch pad and scribbling to get the ink flowing again. This goes on all day long in spite of constant use. Yes, I do need to switch brands.

  2. Trader Joe's…sigh.I love having a clean kitchen and hate that I have to clean it about 5 times a day to keep it that way! Maybe we're all eating too much!

  3. I have never had a maple leaf cookie, or been to Trader Joe's and after reading this post, I'm feeling kind of sad about that. I'm sorry to tell you that I much prefer pretend maple-flavoring syrup to real maple syrup ALTHOUGH did you know that this winter you can pat down some snow, drizzle the girls' names onto the snow w/ 100% Maple Syrup and then let them eat it like candy when it hardens? I learned that from the children's book "Understood Betsy" when I was a girl :)Argh! Dressing kids! *bangs head on wall*I am totally stealing your love/hate concept for my post today-you just saved my NaBloPoMo a**! 😀

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