Trying to Make the Most Out of Fall

I was just complaining to a friend that the weather has been so cold and rainy that we haven’t gone to a pumpkin farm or apple orchard yet. When the weather has actually been decent, we’ve been fighting colds (all of us) or a migraine (just me.) But we’re not letting autumn pass us by. Sometimes nice weather surprises us; a rainy morning changes into a pleasant afternoon, or a crummy weather forecast turns out to be overly pessimistic.

See Emmy’s dirty nose? She tripped on the rake and did a face plant on the lawn, but it didn’t phase her one bit!

Emmy insisted on taking a picture, and did pretty well for a two-year-old.

Is there anything better than burying Daddy in a big ol’ pile of leaves?

I guess this autumn is turning out to be pretty nice. I’d better stop complaining!

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