Random Tuesday Thoughts: Afternoon Edition

It was cold this morning, and I was a bit crabby. Not bone-shivering body achingly cold, just chilly. We’ve had the heat on for a while here in the Midwest, and when I got home from dropping Lily off at preschool and looked at the thermostat, it read only 62 degrees. For some reason the furnace wasn’t kicking on, and it had been working just fine overnight. So I called the fix-it man, and he came right over. There was just some gunk on a connection that he cleaned up, so THAT’s taken care of.

I know, I lead an exciting life. You just couldn’t wait for this afternoon edition of my RTT’s because they are always just so riveting.

I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday. And just now, I took Emmy out of her booster seat and a cascade of noodles, Parmesan cheese and brownie bits showered down onto the floor. Yes, that made me crabby, too. Especially when she decided to stomp on the noodles just to make sure they are extra hard to clean up. I’m just one big ol’ crab cake today.

The girls have been watching Clifford on PBS lately, and for some reason I started wondering how Clifford got his name. Then I wondered who else had the name Clifford, or Cliff, and the only person I could think of was Bill Cosby’s character on the Cosby show.

Last night while I was watching TV with Ed, my ear lobe started to hurt. Way back in college, I had a second hole pierced into my left ear, but I haven’t worn an earring in that hole for years. Then last night it looked like it was infected. There was pus and everything! Which, of course, brought to mind the Cosby Show episode where Theo pierced his ear and he tried to hide it from his parents. Not only that, but then it gets infected. Kind of like my ear. Just another reason to be crabby.

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9 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Afternoon Edition”

  1. This probably would have never happened had your mac n cheese not been discontinued… then Emmy probably would have eaten them all and that other stuff wouldn't be on the floor. I blame President's Choice.

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling grouchy today. I get grumpy too when my clean floor gets dirty almost immediately after I finish mopping, which coincidentally is almost every single time. Weird about your ear lobe.

  3. I'd be a crab too if I had just mopped the floor and the little one ground noodles and cheese into it… :)I never wondered how Clifford got his name – but I did wonder how he got so BIG. :)That's wild about your ear!!Happy RTT! 🙂

  4. I loved the Cosby Show too. That one with Theo was stinking hilarious. About your ear though? How weird is that?!Sorry I haven't been commenting. I rearranged my blogs in my reader and somehow you got bumped into a folder, but not the folder I check as often. You're usually in my favorites. So, yeah, all this time I've been sitting here thinking you didn't have any new posts. I'm such a nerd. I love the blue background and header, by the way!

  5. Did you know that the second hole that I got didn't heal correctly? Remember that huge bruise I got behind my ear? I always wear the stud in that one because it has issues if I don't. Just a little tid-bit of information from the one who split the second-earring-hole bill with you so we could both be oh.so.cool.

  6. Ha, you had two Cosby references in one post! HOpe you're not feeling grumpy any more and if you are, turn on some Cosby reruns..

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