Is Reese Witherspoon Up To No Good?

I just read that Reese Witherspoon joined the Army of Women!

I rushed to make a positive comment on Dr. Susan Love’s post. As I was scrolling through the comments, however, I noticed some women were not feeling as positive as I was. Some thought having a celebrity “jump on the bandwagon” makes Army of Women less credible; some thought it was a shame that a celebrity was considered more important than the rest of us who have signed up for AOW.

I had to give this some thought. After all, during one of my “angry moments,” I ripped on celebrities with breast cancer.

In the end, however, I admit that I’m pleased Army of Women has this opportunity to “show off” Reese Witherspoon as a member. After all, Reese is a woman, just like I am. I’m willing to bet that she knows someone with breast cancer; perhaps she has also lost a loved one to breast cancer. (And I feel I can say with certainty that Dr. Love did not mean to imply that Reese Witherspoon was more important than anyone else!)

Celebrities can do good things for good causes. Just look at how Michael J. Fox has brought Parkinson’s into the spotlight. This is just one example; I’m sure you can think of many other causes that may have gone unrecognized before have been noticed and given support because of a celebrity.

So welcome, Reese, to Army of Women! I’m glad you are number 278,027!

Have you joined Army of Women yet?

If you have, look at Michael J. Fox’s website. You can also become involved in the fight against Parkinson’s, and join TeamFox.

Are there other celebrity websites that you like to visit because they help a good cause? Let us know! I’d love to check them out.

6 Replies to “Is Reese Witherspoon Up To No Good?”

  1. Great post! I agree with you completely; Reese is another woman and the more that join AOW the better. I'm glad you posted about this organization 🙂 On my blog today I nominated your blog for an award. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!Recent blog post: Nominating Lovely Blogs

  2. Reese's "activism" is part of her Avon contract, which I believe was $10 million dollars, so I wouldn't be too eager to embrace her if I were you. Also, you may not be aware of this but her reluctant and ill-prepared participation in one of the 2008 Avon Breast Cancer Walks was so disappointing to Avon insiders and higher-ups that she has been replaced in 2009 by Patrick Dempsey to do the Walk appearances. One has wonder if AOW was a tradeoff. Sorry, but IMO it's not charity when a celebrity (or anyone else) gets paid to do it.

  3. I could see how some might be bothered by the hype but at the same time I think another celebrity jumping on the band wagon will help the cause….she's a popular woman and if she can bring more attention to AOW, then what's the problem, right?Recent blog post: Tantrum Torture….

  4. The purpose (IMO) of celebrity is to ease the lives of a people, to create shining moments that lift the "common man" above our daily struggles and give us moments of joy and awe. Everyday Jane's provide the reverence and awe, celebrities serve. Reese Witherspoon is a darling actress, and as such, can use her name to promote the cause of (and raise funds for) breast cancer. Oh, and I heart Michael J. Fox!Recent blog post: RTT: Gay Men and Gilmore Girls

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