Book Nook: Lilly’s Big Day

Yesterday, Lily was playing with her toy puppy. She was dressing her puppy with a fancy collar, a tiara, and she had big plans for a fancy dress. They are going to the big event together.

Today, Lily was playing with Ed, and she was putting a blanket under her headband. Emmy was the “minister,” and Lily was the bride. Ed played the groom’s role. Lily has weddings on the mind. We are leaving on Saturday to attend my sister’s wedding. All the wedding preparations have Lily quite excited!

Unfortunately, my mom is too weak to go. Her broken rib gives her a lot of pain, and she is just not able to travel right now. She is in good spirits, though, which I think is great. Her positive attitude will help her get well again! My dad will be able to attend, which is fortunate since he is the minister who will marry my sister and her fiance.

Lily wrote this letter to my mom today. (Mom, you’ll get this in the mail soon!) It says, “DEAR GRANDMA HAVE A GOOD WEEK WHEN WE ARE AT AUNT HEATHERS WEDDING WITHOUT GRANDPA” It’s written all in caps, as four year old writers tend to do. I had to spell out every word for her, so writing this letter was very tedious, but she stuck with it until she had written down everything she wanted to say.

Lily also brought this book off of the book shelf, and insisted we read it.

Lilly's Big Day Lilly’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
When Lilly discovers her teacher, Mr. Slinger, is marrying the school nurse, she is determined to be the flower girl at the wedding. She practices over and over in her room, wearing attire suitable for a flower girl. Mr. Slinger breaks it to her gently; his niece is to be the flower girl. Lilly is heartbroken, so Mr. Slinger makes her the flower girl assistant. Being a flower girl assistant just isn’t the same, and Lilly isn’t sure how she feels about her role in the wedding. The big day arrives, and in the end, Lilly is an excellent flower girl assistant, and she even makes a new friend along the way.

Lilly continues to enchant her young readers in Lilly’s Big Day!

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