I’m Honest and Honored!

I have been so belated in thanking these lovely ladies for giving me some wonderful honors!

First, Bex at The Adventures of the Grigg Boys gave me this award:

As part of this award, I need to write 10 honest things about myself. Here they are:

  1. I’m having the worst time thinking of 10 interesting and honest things to write. Hence, the procrastination of writing my 10 honest things!
  2. I’m having writer’s block, and my blog is suffering. See honest thing Number 1.
  3. I’m not being completely honest with you. I also just haven’t had the time to sit down and write a post.
  4. I wish I had more time to visit all my bloggy friends and leave more comments! See honest thing Number 3.
  5. Seriously, is this really only honest thing Number 5?
  6. The mommy side of me will tell you traveling with children can be challenging at times. The unmommy side of me will tell you I hate traveling with my children.
  7. I’m worried about honest thing Number 6 because I want to drive to Iowa to visit my mom. Ed has to work. Which means I would drive 350 miles to Iowa by myself with two children.
  8. If I’m not crazy now, I certainly will be after my drive to Iowa. Susan Boyle, I’ll keep you company.
  9. Ummm….
  10. And finally, honest thing Number 10!

Shangrila over at My Bella Figlia gave me this award:

All I have to do is pass this award on to some great blogs! I misread the award, and thought I was supposed to pass it along to great mommy bloggers, and so that’s what I’m going to do. Here are some great moms with some great blogs:

Kimberly has a fantastic blog for writers who are also mothers. She blogs at Zook Book Nook.

Chris, whose son’s health problems lately have been kicking her motherly instincts into high gear, blogs at Text Imps.

Tricia, my dear friend who just had a baby and so doesn’t have time to blog much, posts great baby pictures and cute quotes at Schumacher Showcase.

Picturing Me has an awesome blog which you can view by invitation only; you may not be able to see her blog but she deserves this award!

YardNeedsMowed is trying to start up a blog. She’s not a mom, but a terrific aunt! What’s going on has a great playlist. Turn on the volume for this blog!

Girl of Many Colors (not a mom but a great babysitter) also has a new blog, and needs encouragement. She has some great ideas, and I’m so glad she is writing them down. Here’s one of my favorite posts by her:
Definitely Shallow.

Keep up the great blogging, girls!

Finally, I received this award from Kimberly at Zook Book Nook, who should be at home now with a brand new baby! Best wishes to you, Kimberly! I need to nominate 15 lovely bloggers, and will do so at a later time.

I’m so honored that I received these awards! THANK YOU!

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10 Replies to “I’m Honest and Honored!”

  1. Appreciate your honesty ;D I feel like a bad Mommy to admit it but my 2 best friends on a long family trip are the DVD player & books on tape. And if flying, laptop with kiddie games. I was dreading the flight from Tampa to Rome with my (then) 4 yr old. The cartoon channels on the plane saved my (& other passengers') sanity Recent blog post: RTT is great…but can you dance to it?

  2. Just stopped by to check out your site. I was sent here from a tag. Looking forward to reading all about you and your family.

  3. Just right click on the picture of the award, and click "save image as" tosave it on your computer. Then you can add it to your blog any way you wantto, either in a post or on the sidebar with "add a gadget." Email me againif you need more help!We had a great time at the wedding! I'm looking forward to the lake!

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