Random Tuesday Thoughts: Whoops, Sorry!


After washing the vomit out of my ski parka, the zipper has never been the same. It broke completely at the children’s museum last Saturday. I took the girls there by myself while Ed was on a ski trip, and we had a great time. Except my zipper broke when I was trying to take off my coat. I couldn’t budge it up or down, so I had to wrestle it off over my head while trying not to let my toddler escape. Toddler between the knees, coat over my head, sleeves flapping everywhere, midriff flashing. Those North Shore parents KNEW I wasn’t one of them!

Ed was home in time for dinner, so we went out for pizza. As we were leaving the restaurant, I had a hard time backing out of our parking space since the cars were packed in. I heard a CRUNCH. “Don’t worry, it’s just a patch of ice,” I told Ed. “As opposed to what? Did you run over a patron of the restaurant? WHOOPS, SORRY!” he yelled out the window and started laughing hysterically. Lily wanted to know what was so funny, but I didn’t tell her that her father was laughing about the thought of me running over a pedestrian and then driving away. “Fit that into your blog,” he told me.

All day on Sunday, he told the girls, “WHOOPS, SORRY!” for everything. He finally had them saying it too. Anyone want to do a husband swap?

I love shopping at Carson’s; it’s close, sale prices are great, and my in-laws give the girls gift cards for Christmas and birthdays. I do have several gripes with the children’s department, however. There’s a huge shoe department for women and men, but no children’s shoes? How is this possible? You have three floors at your disposal. Put in a children’s shoe department! They don’t sell children’s underwear or other undergarment either. Even tights are hard to come by. So I can buy them a cute outfit, but nothing to go with it. Bugs me.

I just joined Facebook. When I log on, it asks me “What are you doing right now?” Obvious, isn’t it? Seems to me lots of people are definitely better than me at multitasking. “Hey, I’m at the bar doin’ shots, dancin’ on tables, hookin’ up, AND I’m on Facebook! That’s what I’m doing RIGHT NOW!” Here’s my multitasking. “I’m changin’ a diaper, shovin’ food in my four-year-old’s face, chuggin’ coffee and I’m on FACEBOOK!” Reality? I’m neglecting my children because I’m on Facebook.

Umm. Now I’m neglectin’ my children because I’m bloggin’, and I’m droppin’ my g’s waaay too much.

Gotta go. Check out more Random Thoughts at the Un-Mom!

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10 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Whoops, Sorry!”

  1. Actually, according to my research, I've been following since January 7th.That was the day I found your blog and I just HAD TO subscribe. But Isubscribed instead of following. I wonder why I did that….??Anyways… YOU ROCK!!

  2. I got the directions for my comments for Blogger through commentluv.com.It's cool, isn't it? I don't actually see your email address, it just goesthrough JS-Kit.com.

  3. Love "Reality? I'm neglecting my children because I'm on Facebook." I once listed my "MyFace" (facebook) status as something like, "Angela is letting the kids zone out on DragonTales-sucky mom!" Of course all of my facebook pals said that I didn't suck (likely because they weren't interacting with their kids, either!) Nice to "meet" you, great post!Recent blog post: Random Tuesday Thoughts: Migraines and Misspellings.

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