A Poem, Perhaps

Years ago, in a small classroom I taught
Seven-year-olds, smart and adorable.
I read poetry aloud, funny and sweet,
But teaching poetry to write? Horrible!

I loved teaching all subjects, 3 R’s included,
But I, a poet? Am not!
And as you know, those second graders insisted
On using words like “booger” and “snot.”

Word families were easy; rhyming, a cinch!
But writing in verse is much harder.
“Just try it,” I said. “Keep on writing!” I begged,
“Your brains will grow so much smarter!”

So when this week’s topic for Spin Cycle I read,
My heart went a-flutter. “I can’t do it!” I cried.
On second thought, I recalled what I taught to those kids,
My own advice I should take, so I tried.

This poem you’re reading is my second attempt,
Please, please, don’t tease me or taunt.
If you’re graciously reading this post to the end,
Comment, and your own poetry skills flaunt!

Here is a poem written by one of my second graders, long ago. She is probably in college by now. We were using an observation chart to help us write poems for this lesson.

I like to swing.
When I swing I see clouds in the sky.
I hear birds singing.
I feel good when I swing.
By Cierra

What if the Moon Really Were Made Out of Cheese?

This is my first Spin from Sprite’s Keeper, and the topic is “What if?” Of course, the “what if?” that always pops into my head in the middle of the night keeping me awake is “What if I get cancer again?” But that is too depressing.

Thinking about the moon being cheese is much more fun!

Wisconsinites would no longer be known as “cheese heads,” but rather “moon heads.”

Instead of buying a trip to the space station, billionaires would host fondue parties on the moon.

Mining companies would set up business on the moon, looking for rich lodes of cheese. Instead of worrying about our disappearing rain forests, environmentalists would worry about the disappearing moon. The phrase “half moon” would become literal, and tides all over the world would start disappearing.

Instead of marshmallow, moon pies would be filled with cheese, and bomb in the marketplace. However, string cheese would be marketed as “Moonbeams” and sales would go through the roof.

Mooning someone would entail showing them your cheese balls.

What else would happen if the moon were really made out of cheese?

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