A Thanksgiving Craft: Thankful Turkeys

In my mess of a basement, I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies. Let me write that again…lots and lots of scrapbooking supplies! When I came across this craft idea at Adventures in Mommy Land: Teaching Children to be Thankful, I was the thankful one! These turkeys allowed me to use some of my scrapbook paper stash with such cute results.

First, I cut these turkey body and feather tracers out of tagboard. Tagboard is just a little heavier than paper, so it is good for tracing around.

I showed the girls my generous supply of scrapbook paper, and we chose patterns and colors that we liked. On the back of the scrapbook paper, Lily and Emmy each traced around the body tracer with a pencil. Then they cut it out with their safety scissors. Both these activities are great for hand/eye coordination! I didn’t worry about whether or not their tracing and cutting were perfect. Control freak mommy had to step out for the day.

Then we traced and cut out the feathers. Emmy got tired after two feathers, and I did the rest of them for her. Lily wanted to keep going, and she cut out eight of her feathers. We glued the feathers on the back of the turkey body first. We then turned the turkey over and added a beak, eyes, wattle and feet.

Once our turkeys were put together, we wrote the things we are thankful for on the turkey feathers. We had a lot of fun! I think I need to make a New Year’s resolution early…I want to do more crafts with my girls! They really enjoyed themselves. And that’s something to be thankful for!

Scrapping Mount Rushmore

During the six months between the time that Ed and I got engaged and then consequentially married, we decided to go on the Big American Migration to the West. That is, we drove from Illinois to Yellowstone, stopping at all the tourist sights to see on the way. We often ran into the same families at various waysides, all of us traveling the same highway and seeing the same sights. Of course, one of the biggest stops was in South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore.

I couldn’t wait to scrapbook our adventure. At the scrapbooking store, I found this cool mosaic paper that I couldn’t wait to try! It has 100 one-inch squares laid out, 10 on each side.

I decided to use my photos of Mount Rushmore for my mosaic.

Now, I’m always thinking about blogging…when I’m out and about, I think about how I’ll blog what I’m doing and where I’m going. Eight years ago, I did the same thing for scrapbooking. So I told Ed to point to the word “Illinois,” which is among all the fifty states, each with their own stone pillar. And then of course, I had to have him take a picture of me with Abraham Lincoln!

Have I mentioned that a few weeks ago, Christine at Memories by Christine featured one of my scrapbook pages?

Memories by Christine
Thank you, Christine!