Gooey Glue

As I was planning my writing for today, I was going to show you the cute craft we made for Christmas presents. But then I realized that the person who is going to receive those presents just might read my blog! So you’ll have to wait until later to see that cute craft.

Here’s another craft idea. Emmy loves to use glue, so I cut up some pictures out of leftover wrapping paper. I love the idea of using a glue stick since it’s less messy, but then bits of paper tend to fall off the craft once it dries. So I let the girls use school glue even though it squishes and oozes. (That makes it more fun than using a glue stick, too…for the girls, anyway!)

Here are the results of Emmy’s glue project. She even added a nice puddle of glue on the left side for special effect!

Kid’s Corner Craft: Shape Collage

I discovered a great Saturday meme! Anissa of Our Chaotic Life has started a “Kid’s Corner” for sharing craft ideas.


This is a craft I did with my daughter when she was about 2 and 3 years old. I cut shapes out for her to glue onto a piece of construction paper. This is a great and active way to teach shapes.

Afraid to use glue with your little one? Make sure you use school glue and open the tip just a little bit so your little one can put small dots of glue on the paper. You can also put a small “puddle” of glue on a saucer or paper plate, and have your child use a paint brush to “paint” the glue on the paper. I like school glue better than glue sticks, because even though glue sticks aren’t as messy, your creations fall apart more easily after the glue dries.

Lily is showing off two of her creations that we dug out of her craft drawer.

To adapt this craft for older children, just make a shape collage using shapes from magazines or catalogs. Have your child find shapes and cut them out themselves. You may want to have them trace the shapes they find with a pen or crayon. (Washable markers may smear on those glossy magazine pages!)

Have fun!

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