Friday Follow-Up: Mac ‘n Cheese

A couple of years ago, we discovered that our local grocery stores were no longer selling our favorite mac ‘n cheese. While this was a disappointment to the girls and me, someone was even more disappointed.

My husband, Ed.

He was the one who introduced me to this little box of happiness, after all. During his bachelor days, President’s Choice White Cheddar was a main staple of his diet.

When he discovered that our store wasn’t offering it any more, he requested some information and learned that the President’s Choice brand was only going to be sold in Canada. We tried to find substitutes. We found some good mac ‘n cheese, but none was quite as good.

So Ed planned a vacation to Canada for the sole purpose of buying President’s Choice Mac ‘n Cheese.


Just a couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Canada just to go grocery shopping. Ed was so happy to find plenty of boxes of mac ‘n cheese on the shelves, he just about cried.

Tears of joy!

He bought ten boxes, and we worried that might not be enough!

Oh, yes, we may have also seen Niagara Falls, too.

Disclosure: Ed really does love President’s Choice White Cheddar Mac ‘n Cheese. This is his own opinion, and we were not compensated in any way for this post. Not even with mac ‘n cheese; we paid for those boxes fair ‘n square and we don’t have to share!

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