Twenty Things I Learned from Netflix

20 things I learned

You may have heard that I got a new flatscreen TV for my birthday after waiting (unsuccessfully) for our old tube TV to break. So as soon as we unpacked the box and set it up, I hooked myself up for a free month of Netflix. I learned so much just by watching TV in February!

1. The Walking Dead is on Netflix!
2. Battlestar Galactica is on Netflix!
3. The only way to kill zombies is through the head.
4. The only way to kill Cylons is through the head.
5. Supplies are hard to get after a zombie apocalypse.
6. Supplies are hard to come by after Cylons destroyed human civilization.
7. There are more zombies than humans.
8. There are more Cylons than humans.
9. Zombies freak me out!
10. Cylons really freak me out!
11. Running from zombies ages you.
12. Running from Cylons ages you.
13. Zombies are easy to spot. After all, they’re dead.
14. Cylons are easy to spot. After all, they’re robots…
15. Unless of course, they are Cylons who look like humans.
16. Zombies’ nicknames are Walkers or Biters.
17. Cylons’ nicknames are Toasters.
18. Bear McCreary wrote the music for The Walking Dead.
19. Bear McCreary wrote the music for Battlestar Galactica.
20. After staying up late watching TV, I can totally survive with only 4 hours of sleep. Yes, I can.

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