Long Days

Parenting: the days are long but the years are short.

I just read this quote on Facebook, and it suits what I was thinking tonight. I’m so tired and just want to kids to go to bed, and yet Emmy was giving me her “cute face.” She resists bedtime right up to the minute her head hits the pillow. As I carried her to her room, I thought that as tired as I am, it won’t be long until she’s too big for me to carry her. It won’t be long at all.

The days are long indeed, but the years, they simply fly.


Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 10/20}

At the movies. At the deli. At the gym. At the library. At the _________.

Where are you this week? When you go to your usual places, think about what you see there. Observe your usual day and write us a post about it. Think it will be boring? I bet you’ll be surprised at how we can all relate to what you write!

Write your spin and link it up here any day this week! Grab the Spin Cycle button code and try it out! I know some of you have had trouble with the code on your blogs, so I’ve rewritten it. You will still need to replace 4 “smart quotes” with 4 regular quote marks. Be sure you are in the “text” editor of your blog. I hope it works!

Spin Cycle at Second Blooming

I can’t wait to read your Spins! I’ll have my own Spin here on Friday!