Busy Airport

I went to pick up my sister from the airport today! Yay! The airport, of course, was super busy and the traffic was horrific. What should have taken 40 minutes took an hour and a half. It’s always that way at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lily and Emmy were so excited to see their aunt because we didn’t get to see her this summer.

O'Hare Airport; photo courtesy of my sister
O’Hare Airport; photo courtesy of my sister

Since it took so long to get home from the airport, it took a while to get the girls to bed. So much excitement! And now it’s time for me to go to bed, too. Coming from California, though, means that my sister will probably stay up past our bedtimes. She has to get used to Central time, so we gave Lily and Emmy strict warnings. Don’t wake up Aunt Meredith too early!


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