The Mystery of the Lost Trombone

During the season of Lent, church tradition bans the word “Alleluia” during worship. Lent is a time of reflection and repentance. In choir rehearsals, however, we are already singing “Alleluia” in preparation for Easter. Not only that, but we are also rehearsing with the brass choir.

On Wednesdays during Lent, we go to church for a Lenten supper and worship. Ed has been meeting us at church after work, so I have the responsibility of bringing his trombone to church for rehearsal. He doesn’t want it to sit in the cold car because that affects the tuning of the trombone. This past Wednesday, I brought his trombone into the building and set it on the floor under the coat rack.

We went into the gym to eat Chicago style hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. (We eat well on Wednesdays!) After our worship, Ed went out by the coat rack to get his trombone for rehearsal. He came over to me, and said he found his music folder, but where was his trombone? I was a little irritated (as wives tend to be with husbands) as I told him it was right by his music. I mean, seriously, how could you not see a trombone?

I took him to the place where I had put his trombone AND IT WAS GONE!

Since our church also has a school, we thought maybe the band director had taken the trombone and put it somewhere safe. We ran all over the church and school looking for it, while our pastor made some phone calls. No one knew where Ed’s trombone has disappeared to. I finally took the girls home while Ed went to choir.

We hadn’t been home for long when the pastor called. Ed’s trombone was found…in the kitchen pantry! The after-school care teacher had thought it was a kid’s trombone, and put it in the pantry for safe keeping. What a relief! (Dare I say…Alleluia!) Pastor took the trombone to Ed and he was able to rehearse his brass piece with the choir.

Brass Choir

Easter is coming soon, and I think we’ll be ready!





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9 Replies to “The Mystery of the Lost Trombone”

  1. It could have been a midweek ‘whodunnit’! Glad he got it back though. I have always been strict about luggage going in the luggage hold below, but people with instruments were usually allowed to take it in the passenger area. Unless it was a big bass of course. People are usually very careful about their instruments.

  2. It occurred to me that my trombone may have been “misplaced” to keep me from playing it. Perhaps I was hitting a few too many “clunkers”!

  3. So glad it was a ‘helpful’ person that relocated the trombone! Our former church had a person come in and steal money from several locations. Changed how ladies watched their purses and which doors remained locked.

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