New Winter, New Snowblower

Ed and I have been snow shovelers for years. Every time it snowed, we would pull on our snowpants and boots, grab the shovels, and head out with the girls to shovel our driveway. We already had a significant snowfall earlier in November, although it didn’t last long and melted away fast. Last year, we wanted to buy a snowblower, but never actually got to the store to buy one. This past summer, Ed turned 50 and decided that yes, we needed to actually buy a snowblower this winter. So we bought one during a Black Friday sale. Our first snowblower ever!

Emmy shoveling snow
Emmy helping us shovel the driveway after our heavy November snow with her little red shovel.

We had such a mild December, however, that Ed and I have joked around, saying it’s our fault that the weather had been so mild. When you have a brand new snowblower and want to try it out, of course there will be 60 degree weather in December!

Well, our day came and we had one and a half inches of sleet fall last week. Ed did use the snowblower, but the weather was atrocious and it was raining as he snowblowed the sleet off of the driveway. At least he didn’t have to shovel that heavy sleet off of the driveway.

Our brand new snowblower

Last year in January, I was already heartily sick of cold weather. We had subzero temperatures and it was so cold that four days of school were cancelled. This year, we are hovering around 30 degrees every day, and I’m hoping it stays that way. Our winter has been mild so far, and I think we deserve it. Even if it means we won’t need our new snowblower!

There’s one thing we know we can count on; if we don’t use our snowblower very much this year, we will have plenty of use for it in the coming winters!

This week’s writing prompt continues to be NEW.

Did you start a new tradition? Did you get something new over the holidays? Do you have a new resolution/goal/word for 2016? Maybe you need something new in the New Year!

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(The first link is a post from last January about my word for the year, and how I was sick of the cold temperatures.)

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  1. I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow. When I checked the forecast yesterday it said we would get some on Sunday. When I checked just now: nothing! Perhaps I have to go further inland to find some. šŸ™‚
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