It’s January! {Spin Cycle Prompt}

Every time I see this cartoon on Facebook, I laugh.

January winter

Is January really so bad? How has your January been? This week on the Spin Cycle, your prompt is January. Do you love January or hate it? What does January look like in your neck of the woods? Take some photos and show us. Or take a video.

Tell us your Spin on January, and link it up any day this week!


Spin Cycle at Second Blooming

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3 Replies to “It’s January! {Spin Cycle Prompt}”

  1. Hmm.. I may have to link up!
    I hate January but we started a somewhat new thing (two years and counting) of going to Florida in January, and boy does it make a difference. It’s nice to get the warm sun and the chance to miss this..
    ..although missing ice is a bit hard.

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