Unprepared and Overwhelmed {Spin Cycle}

As I sit at my desk, I can hear the squirrels digging and rustling around in the leaves outside my dining room window. They are getting downright tubby, those little squirrels, as they prepare for winter.

It has been a very strange week, and I wasn’t prepared for most the of the things that happened. Sometimes it is so overwhelming, the things we are unprepared for. Friends of mine have had their lives change suddenly this week, and it makes my little problem seem trivial. We had something unexpected happen that I was completely unprepared for–little visitors in one of my daughter’s hair. After years of having lice in my classroom and not being affected, one of my children finally brought them home. I’m not going to write too much about that, however, because it makes her feel bad. To be honest, I feel bad about it, too. There’s still a stigma attached to having lice. I can’t help but feel that I’m a bad mother and a terrible housekeeper. In my heart, I know that’s not true and several of my friends’ children have also had lice. I’m happy to report that we are all lice-free as of Tuesday afternoon. (The washing machine has been going non-stop since then!)

Yesterday, however, my co-workers and I were completely prepared. I’m talking about more than lesson plans and project supplies. Our license from the state is due for renewal, and the state rep came to visit our preschool. We had prepared by filling out all our paper work, entering our continuing education hours online, and reviewing our CPR and Epi pen skills.

It was about time for preschool to start, and we noticed something strange. A taxi pulled into the parking lot. We wondered; did someone have car trouble and need to take a taxi to preschool? Was it the state rep?

Nope. It was neither of those things. An unshaven man carrying a paper bag stumbled out of the cab and headed across our parking lot to the woods in the property behind us. He wasn’t walking in a straight line, either. In fact, he was a little wobbly. This was unexpected.

Despite our fears, he went on his merry way and we didn’t see him again. Our license renewal went perfectly and our preparations paid off (mostly due to our director’s hard work)!

And now, at last, the week is almost over. Tomorrow, Lily, Emmy and I will prepare to sing in our church’s Bethlehem Walk, which reenacts Christ’s birth. We’ll dress up in white robes and fluffy collars, and maybe I’ll curl the girls hair. After this overwhelming week, we can begin to prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Bethlehem Walk Angels

What are you preparing for?

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20 Replies to “Unprepared and Overwhelmed {Spin Cycle}”

  1. We have had those little hair critters visit our home too. Not once but twice and the second time I got it too. I can totally sympathize. I hope your weekend goes well and I hope you find time to relax so you are well rested for whatever next week brings.
    This Busy Life recently posted…Shine OnMy Profile

  2. I remember when my sister was visited by the ones we shall not mention. We all had to wash our hair with this foul smelling stuff!

    Glad you passed your school license renewal. That is always good of course!
    Mara recently posted…One of thoseMy Profile

  3. Oh, what a week you have had!! Glad that you got rid of those unwanted hair guests!!! One year the biggest dance studio in our town (the one all the top dancers/”cool” girls go to!!) had a lice breakout. It was during the summer and between all of the girls and families it took weeks for them to all get rid of them.
    Your church Christmas production sounds very nice!
    Kim recently posted…Friends Are FriendsMy Profile

  4. Yikes! We had a mild outbreak of it at school this year and I was CONVINCED that this would be the year that my girls would get it. I had the nurse check their heads like a dozen times! I think all the tea tree oil I started adding to their shampoo helped.
    Nicole Hallford recently posted…Quick TakesMy Profile

  5. NOOOOOOOOO! Not head lice! Ugh. I hope you are able to keep them gone. Vigilance and fine-toothed combs are important. What an awful time of year to have to deal with it. (My very first blog post was about head lice.)

    At the Common Household, we are preparing for our college students to come home, for Christmas, for Hanukkah, for the joy of gathering with the extended family. I’m trying to learn the piano part for the church Christmas cantata. And in the midst of all the preparations, I am hoping for God’s peace, mercy, justice, and love to come to all those in our country who need them.
    Common Household Mom recently posted…Beautiful BakingMy Profile

    1. Ha! I went back to read your first blog post! I just spent an hour combing out my daughter’s hair tonight. I’m so tired and discouraged! Week 1 is almost over!

      I’m just glad I didn’t discover them during Christmas vacation!

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