Ten Things That Make Me Cry

Today is National “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk” Day, so Lisa and Rabia decided to have Tuesday Ten be all about things that make us cry.

ice cream tantrum

10. Onions. It’s true. Whenever I chop onions, I cry like crazy. It’s not just an old wives tale but a real problem.

9. People complaining about the weather. I know, I’m going to get in trouble for this one. Let me give you a little preschool lesson. What month is it? That’s right, it’s February. What season is it? Winter. Where do we live? Northern Illinois. We always have cold and snowy weather in February, and the last time it was unseasonably warm in March, the apple orchards got confused and we had a terrible local crop of apples. That made me cry, too.

8. Country music: See the following.

7. Kip Moore – “Hey Pretty Girl”

Hey pretty girl, when I see the light
And it’s my time to go,
I’m gonna thank the Lord for a real good life
A Pretty little girl and a beautiful wife.

6. Tim McGraw – “Don’t Take the Girl”

Take the very breath you gave me,
Take the heart from my chest.
I’ll gladly take her place if you’ll let me,
Make this my last request,
Take me out of this world,
God, please don’t take the girl.

5. Faith Hill – “My Wild Frontier”

Then one Calgary morning
Still as glass
While my baby lay sleeping, an angel slipped past
And with one breath said I’m taking him back
To his Father in Heaven.

4. Hymns my mother sang. When we sing them in church, I can still hear my mother’s voice, singing as clear as a bell. And that makes me cry.

3. Watership Down, by Richard Adams. That last sentence kills me every time I read it.

2. Baptisms. Every time a baby is baptized at church, I tear up, and think about when my own two babies became children of God.

1. The Easter Story. The promise of eternal life and meeting God in heaven, along with my loved ones, makes me cry with joy.

Tuesday Ten is hosted by Lisa from The Golden Spoons and Rabia from The Liebers. Visit their blogs for more Tuesday Ten!

What makes you cry?

Tuesday Ten


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31 Replies to “Ten Things That Make Me Cry”

  1. Hachi, the film with Richard Gere. I cried like never before over a film (and I cry easily).
    A good choir with lots and lots of voices and a strong piece of music for them.

    I get choked up quite easily, can even cry over the smurfs!
    Mara@Weighty Matters recently posted…Visnes 2My Profile

  2. Ave Maria, still puts tears in my eyes, as this was my grandmother’s favorite church hymn. She even asked me to have it played at our wedding if we could. And Michael Buble does a beautiful cover of this, which gets me every time, so totally can relate to that one. And sorry, I am that person that complains about the cold and snow. Just can’t help it and am always cold to begin with so truly not a fan of this time of year 🙂

    1. That’s okay if you don’t like winter; my rant was brought about by a stranger complaining to me for the whole time I was waiting in line for donuts on Sunday, and then the lady who sat next to me at church complained until the service started. I’m truly getting tired of it!
      Ginny Marie recently posted…Ten Things That Make Me CryMy Profile

  3. There is a pray for healing that is sung at Shabbat services every week – I’m choked up by the second line. And Watership Down – I haven’t thought about that book in years. It was one of my favorites when I was growing up.
    Dana recently posted…A good cryMy Profile

  4. Ok, I will stop whining about the weather. But because the kids got Thurs and Fri off, we do have a 6 day weekend! I cry over the news, those sad animal commercials (but I can’t go to a shelter either…we have 7 pets because I can’t say no), and anytime I think about family members and friends who are dealing with cancer. I cry a lot.
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…Power Up On The Go with RAVPower® #GiveawayMy Profile

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