Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 2/24}

My dad was born and raised in Minnesota, and although I’ve never lived in Minnesota, I always thought of myself as a honorary Minnesotan. And therefore, I also always thought that Paul Bunyan is also from Minnesota! Turns out, Maine claims Paul Bunyan as well! Apparently he was born in Maine on February 12, 1834.

Blue Ox Babe

I’ve always loved reading tales about Paul Bunyan and his Big Blue Ox, Babe. To celebrate Paul Bunyan’s birthday, we’re writing our own Tall Tales this week!

Tell us a Tall Tale of your own and then link it up here or at Second Blooming. Anything goes this week on the Spin Cycle! Gretchen and I will spin our own tall tales and post them on Friday.

Second Blooming


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