Season of Leaves

The smell of dry leaves gathering in piles on the ground is wonderful. I love swishing my feet through the brown crackly leaves and listening to the crunch as I walk through them. Watching my daughters rake the leaves up into huge piles and then jump into it, splashing the leaves everywhere, only to have to rake them up all over again, is one of the simple pleasures in life.

Fall Leaves

The leaves spreading all over my house, however, is driving me crazy. Leaves are being tracked into my foyer, my living room, my kitchen, and it does not please me! I hate untangling brown leaf scraps from my daughters’ already tangled blond hair. Dead, brown, crumbling leaves are EVERYWHERE, inside and out. I think that my house cannot get any messier…

…until it rains on Halloween.

In come the wet leaves, wet umbrellas, wet costumes, and wet candy, all over my floors! What’s a mommy to do?

At least I had my fancy rain boots to wear outside for trick-or-treating!

rain boots


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7 Replies to “Season of Leaves”

  1. I remember those days with the leaves and racking. We haven’t done that since we moved to Southern California 25 years ago. I remember jumping in them as a kid and I remember them burning at the curb.

  2. I do love the leaves..outside. Even this late in the season, I’ve been having great photo shoots in them! However, yes, the wet Halloween was not pleasant. Cold leaves sticking to everything!

  3. I enjoyed running through a few leaves on the roadside yesterday morning until my feet pushed right through one pile of leaves straight down to the puddle underneath! Soaked running shoes–yuck!

    Cute boots! Should’ve run in those!

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