Streetlights and Messy Hawks

The street light outside Emmy’s window was glowing softly in the dusky air as I closed her blinds and tucked her in. I could still see her little babyish cheeks in the dimly lit room as I bent down to kiss her, but the light was fading fast.

I love these softly glowing springtime evenings. The air is still cool and brisk. Full darkness is delayed, but not so much that the girls’ bedtime is disrupted.

Tonight is the end of a pleasant weekend. The temperatures were warmer than they’ve been, so we got outside and played a little. I watched our little hawk fly around the neighborhood. He’s making a mess of twigs under the tree where he is building a nest, and he has a bad habit of swooping down in front of our house. He startled Emmy when she standing in the front yard with her dad. She was afraid he was going to grab at her stuffed cat, and we had to reassure her that the hawk wanted nothing to do with a stuffed kitty. (Even though he really doesn’t seem to be that smart of a bird.) I want him to stick around to catch some of the little critters we have around our house. (ahem–chipmunks and field mice, watch out!)
Our hawk next to his messy nest

The girls and I snagged some books at our school district’s literacy fair book exchange on Saturday. Emmy went for a cat book, of course, and Lily zoomed in on a Cam Jansen book. I brought home No Flying in the House by Betty Brock. I’ve never heard of it before, but the cover was just too entrancing. The little girl is named Annabel, and she has a secret. Not only that, but she has a tiny dog protector who is only three inches long!

What entranced you this weekend?


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13 Replies to “Streetlights and Messy Hawks”

  1. I think a hawk would scare me too being that close to the house. There are eagles that fly near our house and they take care of the field mice. I just afraid one of these days they will go after the dogs when they are wandering around outside.
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  2. We went to visit my sister in NJ this weekend and took the kids to a zoo! We were also entranced by a nighttime walk to see the NYC skyline. I just so loved that it was warm enough to walk at night. Today is 68 and sunny and I can't seem to stay inside..
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  3. I love the cover of that book! And how can you not like a book about a girl called Annabel. It sounds great.

    I saw the snowdrops covered in snow on Saturday. I thought they were so pretty and fortunately I had my camera handy! I think that really entranced me.
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  4. I love children's books! My favorite when I was about 9 was "Peppermints In The Parlor" by Barbara Brooks Wallace. I think I checked it out of the library about 20 times!

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