Monday, Mondays

Sundays are for sipping coffee and reading the Sunday paper. Sundays are for singing in church and going to brunch with the family.

Sundays are for writing blog posts.

Wait, what did I just write?

Mondays are a big blogging day. New material is a must for a blog’s readers. But instead of writing a new blog post, I curled up on the couch while the frigid February rain pinged on the windows. As my children ran around the living room hitting a red balloon back and forth, I read my book. I did the dishes. I installed a new smoke and carbon monoxide detector. (Yes, I really did!)

On Sunday nights I usually sit on the couch, a blank computer screen on my lap, and The Good Wife on television. Usually, I plan on writing a blog post. My plans go down the drain as I become engrossed in the plot, put the laptop to the side and close it so I can enjoy my show. (Last night was the Grammy’s, which I should have watched and didn’t. Did you?)

For my blog, however, this is not a good routine.

So I had an idea as I was thinking about what to post on Mondays. I need some sort of motivation so that my Monday posts don’t become my Tuesday posts–or even worse, my Friday posts!

Let’s have a Monday blog hop! If you published a blog post today, enter your link below. If you don’t blog, you can still “like” the links down below. To join the blog hop, just click “Get the code here,” then copy and paste the code into your own post. The more blogs that join in, the more fun it will be! (Plus, I need an excuse to use a linky.) I’ll feature the post that receives the most “likes” next Monday. You can link back to my blog, but it’s not necessary.

meme free mondays

Do you have as much trouble writing a Monday blog post as I do?


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14 Replies to “Monday, Mondays”

  1. Mondays are a posting day for me, too. Sometimes, like today, it's just random thoughts about the past weekend. I found you through The Dose of Reality and don't know why it's taken me so long. If I can figure out how to do a blog hop (I'm 2yrs into blogging but tech challenged), I'll join in.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you found me! All you need to do to join is click "click here to enter" and then paste your blog post URL into the right spot. The directions should be there, but if you can't figure it out, that's okay. I love comments, too! 😉
      My recent post Monday, Mondays

  2. This is a great idea! Of course, I have yet to come up with anything. lol Also, when I tried experimenting by writing a test post and inserting the code, it didn't work. 🙁
    My recent post B. Natividad

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