There, There {A Post on Comfort}

Some days, things just don’t go quite the way I want them too. Nothing horribly wrong has happened. But there’s a writing project that isn’t the way I wanted it to be. There’s an unfinished quilt that I want keep sewing and today I have to work. I lost a Facebook “like” on my fan page. At choir rehearsal, the music was tricky; reading the notes didn’t come as naturally as usual. A piece, which was thought to be a trio, is really a trio with a soloist who is quite demanding.

Nothing horrible, yet just not quite right.

And so I need a little comfort. Five things that bring me comfort…

5. Chocolate. There’s nothing like a little leftover Halloween candy to end the day.
4. A cup of hot tea. I really do read too many books that take place in England. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, anyone? I’m just too tired to put water in the kettle right now.
3. Pajama pants. I really need to go put some on. Why wear tight, restricting jeans when you can wear comfy flannel pants with an elastic waist? They are especially comfy after consuming chocolate.
2. Talking to my husband; but he’s asleep as I type this late at night. I stay up late writing for NaBloPoMo, he goes to bed early so he can get up at 5:00 a.m. for work.
1. My pillow. As unsettling as today was, a good night’s sleep will be bliss.

What brings you comfort?

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23 Replies to “There, There {A Post on Comfort}”

  1. I laughed as I read that talking to your husband brings comfort…..but then he falls asleep. We have that same problem here at our house. (My DH also is an early riser…but he can also sleep standing up in a tornado). What brings comfort….a nice, warm bath at the end of the day. πŸ™‚ Oh, and coffee….

  2. All of those things bring me comfort too! I'd exchange tea for coffee, but I do like tea. A friend brought me some plum tea sticks from Korea years ago and I have yet to find them here. Doesn't help that the box is completely in Korean!

    I read a lot of books that take place in England, as well! Did you like Major Pettigrew? I thought about reading that one, but wasn't sure.
    My recent post Filipino Christmas Decorations

  3. Sometimes a drive with the music just a blaring helps:)
    (I too get upset when I lose a facebook like. Silly right? It's the little things!)
    Hope tomorrow is better!

  4. Coincidentally, I'm sipping tea while reading your blog!

    I also love snuggling with a cozy blanket (I'd prefer a man but beggars can't be choosers πŸ™‚ ).

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