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Oh, what a week. I’m sipping my third cup of coffee this morning. Hubby dearest forgot to prep the coffee pot last night for his early morning, so I have the whole pot to myself. It’s not gourmet coffee, but it’s a good cup of coffee. Just as Hubby like to buy his summer sausage in bulk, he also likes to buy our coffee in bulk.

My bloggy friend Paloma hosts Coffee Friday, so if you like coffee, visit her blog for some coffee treats!

The Coffee Shop

I’m looking at a disaster of a living room, knowing that if I pick up all the toys and vacuum I’ll feel soooo much better. But first, a blog post. If you’re looking for a blog post with substance, you won’t find it here.

It seems like it’s been a busy week. We had a new roof put on our house on Wednesday. I was so pleased when they finished in a day! But what a noisy day it was. I had to escape to the library for the afternoon. At least both Lily and Emmy were at school. I kept Lily home on Tuesday because she was sick, so I was worried that we would be home bound during the roof installation. Fortunately, Lily felt fine on Wednesday, and since she is a second grader, she wanted to go back to school. Emmy, on the other hand, said she had a fever and needed to stay home. She didn’t, on both counts.

And OH! Trying to keep up with all my social media accounts has been a challenge. I have always wanted to try this BlogFrog Community snippet on my blog, so I’m trying it out today. (see below) One of my conversations is about Facebook Friday. If you have a Facebook Page, be sure to leave your page’s link to get some more likes/comments today!

What has your week been like?


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11 Replies to “Just a Fluff Post”

  1. 3 cups is my norm! It might explain a lot about me… lol!

    Oh, and a freshly vacuumed floor always makes me feel better. If only I could get someone else to vacuum for me!
    My recent post Super Mom

  2. I am staring at a game room full of legos!!!!!!!!! Now to find the balance of having our room back and still let him be creative..he is building a whole lego city! He will be examining the vacuum cleaner to make sure I didn't vacuum some up.

    Social media…other than blogging I really haven't figured it out..I did the Blog Frog community, back when you and I both did the Mommy Piggy Tales…and never got into it, I am sure I had no idea what I was doing.

    Your blog is beautiful…and this I haven't learned either…so I stay with what I know at this point….I guess need to step out more…LOL

  3. Oh yes, most definitely! Last week was my daughter's birthday – her first one not being at home(since her marriage). On top of that, her and her husband moved, my husband went out of town, a motorcyclist wrecked right in our driveway AND we had a family reunion…whew! So glad it's over though! Dropping by from your community to show some love! Have a blessed week!
    My recent post Are You there God? It's me__________!

  4. Sometimes you just need a good fluff post. And I'm jealous of your 3 cups of coffee, since I'm knocked up I've been limiting myself to only one and I'm not appreciative of it. I wish someone would find a way to make coffee and wine good for babies. Le sigh.

    Stopping by from SITS
    My recent post 10 Weeks

  5. You know, I wish I could just do a fluff post once in a while without worrying about have a picture or some funny story or something. Sometimes it's good just to post about our everyday life!

    A roof in one day, that's great! Ours took at least two, maybe three. Not only the noise, but the strange men hanging around, the work trucks, and all the nails and debris! I was so glad when they were done!
    My recent post I'm Pregnant!

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