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Just by looking at me, you wouldn’t know it. You wouldn’t know that this average, chubby woman with mousey brown hair and glasses can walk a marathon and a half in two days. You wouldn’t know that I Fed Ex-ed a couple test tubes of my blood to a research lab. Would you guess that I have probably had more mammograms than you have? That once upon a time I was bald? Or that I wear a prosthesis, otherwise known as a “breast form” in polite circles? It’s ironic that lately the ad in my sidebar randomly shows a lingerie product that I could never wear. My bras have pockets in them.

The majority of women who get breast cancer have none of the known clinical risk factors. This means we don’t know what causes breast cancer or how to prevent it.

You might walk by me at the grocery store today, not knowing that I spent an hour online last night and only managed to write six sentences. After all these years, writing about breast cancer is still difficult. You saw me at the restaurant yesterday, but didn’t notice me staring at the cocktail placard that said “Think Pink! October 18, support breast cancer awareness!” Like a coward, I didn’t demand to know where the money for those pink cocktails is going to go. I didn’t object by informing our waitress that women diagnosed with breast cancer aren’t supposed to drink alcohol. I just stared at the pretty pictures of the three pink drinks. Did I tell you I bought the toilet paper with the pink ribbons on the package? I didn’t buy it for the ribbons, but because we needed toilet paper. Yet that package of toilet paper with its silly pink ribbons on it reminded me yet again that yes, I had breast cancer.

The  Health of Women (HOW) Study is a first-of-its-kind international online study for women and men with and without a history of breast cancer. HOW is all about you and what you can do to end breast cancer. HOW is also about the researchers who can use this data to have a better understanding of ways we can prevent breast cancer.

This October, there’s something you can do that is more than buying something with a pink ribbon on it. It doesn’t require a donation for a walk. It doesn’t require much time. But yet doing this little thing may help find a way to stop breast cancer. I signed up for the Health of Women (HOW) Study. You can, too!

We will collect information about your health, your job, your diet, and your family history, among other topics that can help us get a better understanding of breast cancer and its potential causes.

This is a partnership and we need you for the long haul.
Sign up for the Health of Women (HOW) Study this October.


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13 Replies to “I Blog with Love”

  1. Ginny Marie, you are one of the bravest people I know. I can't imagine what you feel each October as everything seems to go pink.
    I think we all have someone we know who has battled cancer of some form; I'd love to see an end to it.
    I'm checking out your link now –
    My recent post Fall Sun Catcher

  2. You write so beautifully about being a breast cancer survivor.

    I signed up for the HOW study and filled out my first questionnaire. 🙂

    Okay, who else saw Parenthood last week and cried as the one character dealt with being diagnosed with breast cancer? (*raises hand*) Seriously, don't watch unless you want to cry!

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    1. I think…I'm not sure…but you may have had several mammograms?

      I read another breast cancer survivor's reaction to Parenthood. She approved of the way they handled that character! (But I think I would be bawling, too!)
      My recent post I Blog with Love

  3. You are a strong woman. I get this by just your words above. Lots of people don't understand. By you offering the research link will help. I just found you and I am happy that you are here. Thank you!

  4. I love your words and insight. I’ve been affected by breast cancer in my family and haven’t had it, but scared someday I might. I would be happy to fill out this questionnaire.

    Elle, stopping by from SITS. Happy SITS day!
    All work and no play makes mommy a dull chick.

  5. Great post Ginny! I love that you are sharing this on your blog and making a difference! through it. Cancer has affected so many of my friends and family… Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I am so happy that it is your SITS Day too! Blessings!
    My recent post A Message To You – Yes You!

  6. Thanks for writing through the difficult to put on paper parts. Everybody has those but not all are willing to share. I've avoided topics for a variety of reasons: might affect my job, the stories belong to my daughters, and the guilty might be litigious. The first and last are out of fear and the middle one is out of respect to my daughter. Keep writing. You have a nice voice.
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