Hot One {Writer’s Workshop}

My father-in-law turned down beer yesterday because of the heat. Now that’s hot! Temperatures are soaring here in the Chicago area. We reached 102 degrees yesterday, with more 100 degree temperatures predictions for today and tomorrow.

We kicked the day off as we do every year, sitting on the curb catching candy during the 4th of July Parade. It was already sweltering at 9am. The best float was the big trailer with the pool on it, and the kids riding it had a ball splashing everyone sitting on the parade route. It was hot; so hot that Lily and Emmy decided we would skip the festival following the parade and go home to our air-conditioned house.

Ed’s family came over for lunch. We sat in chairs under our big ol’ willow tree, and just sat.Β  Here’s an example of our conversations under the willow tree:

Ed: Man, is it hot today.

Nodding of heads.

Emmy: (lying on my lap, which is the last place I want her to be) I’M HOT!

Nodding of heads.

Me: You know, without this breeze, it would be even hotter.

Breeze suddenly disappears.

Teenagers decide to play a game of bags. It’s hot.

Emmy couldn’t stand the heat and had a hissy fit because the older people insisted on staying outside (it was the 4th of July, after all)Β  until my brother-in-law suggested we turn on the sprinkler. Then, she happily got wet. The kids were not the only ones who used the sprinkler yesterday!

It is so hot that instead of taking my usual plethora of photos on the 4th, I only manage to take one picture:

The thermometer outside our front door

Without being able to come into the house to cool off, we would not have enjoyed the day as much. Despite the heat, it was fun to sit around, eat hot dogs and brats, and drink pink lemonade. (Well, that’s what the kids had, anyway.)

How was your 4th of July?

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11 Replies to “Hot One {Writer’s Workshop}”

  1. I definitely know what you are complaining about, we have more than 38 C degrees here in Europe (that’s about 110fahrenheit), and I couldn’t picture myself how I would suffer from it without any air condition.

  2. I'm shocked…where I live in Texas the high yesterday was only 98! We had a horrid heat wave last summer, so I definitely feel your pain. Hope you've found a place to stay cool today!

  3. Oh, it has been hot! We have had several days of 100 degrees around here. We've been staying inside, trying to stay cool, but the heat and being stuck inside has the kids driving me nuts… So today we loaded into the car to check out a McDonald's with a super play area.

  4. Let's give thanks for air conditioning! So many people are without power (and sometimes even homes!) in various areas of the country. I'm just thankful my A/C's still working. πŸ™‚

  5. I feel for you with the heat and all. I live in the middle of nowhere in the desert. I believe we hit over a hundred the day before the fourth, I got heat exhaustion that day so the 4th was more about recovering. Sounds like you guys made the best of a hot day! Visiting from Mama Kat’s

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