another rainy sunday

It is a another gray and gloomy Sunday. Not the kind of day to go kite flying. Thunderstorms rolling through this afternoon made inside time mandatory. Although I was planning on doing some yard work today, the rain was welcome. I was able to sit at my sewing machine without feeling guilty.

fat quarters
Quilt blocks in progress

Lily and Emmy were also working on craftsy things. I found some oil pastels, and they spent some time coloring. Lily decided to glue some of my fabric scraps onto a toilet paper roll, and so of course Emmy did the same. I don’t really know what purpose they will have, but they are kind of cute.

Coloring with oil pastels
Fabric covered toilet paper roll

As I sit typing this blog post next to our bay window, I can hear the squeals and giggles of little girls. The storms have ended. Lily and Emmy are outside, running in the wet grass with the neighbor girls.

No, it’s not a kite flying day, but it’s a good day nonetheless.


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11 Replies to “another rainy sunday”

  1. Great post. Nothing is better than squeals and giggles of children having fun. Love those quilt blocks. My mother and grandmother quilt. I have some great memories of quilting in the summer with my grandmother and great grandmother when I was just a little kid.

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