Yes, it is a competition, even with a fictitious blog

Tonight I was wrapping presents (no, I’m not done with my shopping) and catching up on my favorite drama, The Good Wife. It was about a trial gone wrong, and as the defending law firm was investigating the jury, they discovered that one of the members of the jury was a blogger. She updated her blog twice a day.


I’m lucky if Lemon Drop Pie is updated twice a week. Not only that, but the blog was about BUTTONS. Not the 125×125 pixel type of buttons that we bloggers like to adorn our blogs with. But real fastener-type buttons. What could she possibly write about buttons?

Yes, I know it is a fictitious blog. But I was still jealous of all the time this women spent blogging.

That’s not even the worst part. The worst part was not that she updated her blog twice a day, or that the judge said, “I hate the word ‘blog’.”

No, there was something even worse. This juror, the fictitious blogger who blogs about buttons, received 45,000 hits on one of her questionable blog posts about the trial. I haven’t received that many hits on my blog in three years!

I bet it was because she blogged twice a day. I’ll try to control my jealousy. Promise.

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16 Replies to “Yes, it is a competition, even with a fictitious blog”

  1. haha. This cracked me up, but only because it's so true! You know there are bloggers out there somewhere getting crazy hits on their button blog! My blog has been so neglected since I got pregnant and I'm sure it'll be worse once the baby gets here. I'm such a slacker.

  2. This cracks me up! I am jealous of fake people all the turn! Way more than if real people. No real people “have it all”. I always feel silly, but I guess I am not alone! I agree with Sprite’sKeeper about the research! πŸ˜‰ I am lucky if I post twice a MONTH lately!!! That’s the part I’m jealous of: what must be the insane amounts of time alone!

  3. I think the screenwriters were having a little writing joke there. I looked up the show, and it looks like the episode was written by Michelle King and Robert King, with the story by Keith Eisner. Can't you just imagine the conversation during the writing process?

    "We should make one of the characters a blogger."
    "But what will she blog about?"
    "Something really ordinary so she seems like a nobody."
    "Ordinary? Like books or movies?"
    "Nah." (stares down at cardigan sweater) "How about buttons?"
    (laughing) "How could someone write a whole blog on buttons?"
    "Who knows? But I bet she posts at least twice a day."
    "Yes, and the whole world is so enthralled with those little round things that hold our clothes on that she gets 45,000 hits!"

  4. Hilarious! This made me laugh so much my husband said, "What's so funny? Share with me so I can laugh too." Laughing at Amy's comment too. Funny, Ginny…really funny :).

  5. TTTOOOOOOOO Funny!!! First of all, I watch that show and I did see that episode. I NEVER saw the bit about the blog. This is because my DVR'd shows are viewed in bed as I'm ready to fall asleep and you see why this is so bad? Generally, I watch an episode at least five times. I only remember the Facebook thing. And the buttons.

    Well, I'm with you! I have Blog Envy now, too…… I try to update my blog every day Monday through Friday-for a reason and this actually gave me a reason to blog about WHY I do that…..

    Your viewers here are hysterical, too-these comments are making me laugh. This was a nice way to start my day. Catching up on my reading here…

    Thanks for a good giggle…. This is really VERY funny. Definitely, Button Blog Envy!!


  6. Agree with Sprite's Keeper! Seriously, unless your twice a day posts are giveaways and coupons for those buttons, you can't have quality content (and really is it quality if those are the kinds of posts you always do, some would argue against it) and still have those kind of numbers.__I do have to say, that I do get a little jealous about people who can create quality content for that small of a niche, and still post multiple times a week.

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