Six Hundred Posts and NaBloPoMo

It is very appropriate that on the first day of November, the first day of NaBloPoMo, that I publish my 600th post! Way back in May of 2008, I started Lemon Drop Pie. I’ve written long posts and short posts, good posts and bad posts, posts that get a lot of comments and then posts that have zero comments.

I’ve written about everything, happy and sad; about my daughters, my husband, having breast cancer, my mom’s death. I’ve had the honor of guest posting on other wonderful blogs (click on the “Guest Posts” page above) and hosted some wonderful writers on my blog. (See “Stories from YOU” up above.)

And yet I’ve written about nothing. I haven’t told you yet about my dad’s marriage last summer to a wonderful woman.  I probably won’t write about the Halloween party I had yesterday for Lily and Emmy–I don’t like to post pictures of their friends on my blog without their parent’s permission. (My neighbor across the street kindly gives her permission, so you may see pictures of her kids this week!)

Why do I write? I’ve always loved writing. I’ve kept a journal on and off through the years since high school. I’m the crazy student who loved essay exams. I enjoyed writing papers in grad school (although was not too fond of the research aspect!). I’ve really enjoy all the writing I do on Lemon Drop Pie, even though it’s hard to find the time to write.

When I first heard of NaBloPoMo way back in 2008, I had NO IDEA what it meant. I soon found out it was the abbreviation for NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth, and was too late to hop on  the bandwagon! But in 2009, I successfully blogged for the whole month even though it was one of the worst month months of my life. (Not because of NaBloPoMo–NaBloPoMo was very theurapetic that year.) Then last year, I blogged every day AGAIN, and November was a much happier month.

So, whadayasay? Should I give NaBloPoMo a whirl again?

NaBloPoMo 2011

For a look at my past posts, just scroll down to the bottom of my blog for an archive list. (I’m just too lazy to include a bunch of links in this post!)

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9 Replies to “Six Hundred Posts and NaBloPoMo”

  1. Yes! Give it a go, Ginny. I ike the idea of the challenge, but I'm pretty sure, I'd fail miserably. So, I leave the daily blogging to you and I'll be sure to read. Good luck!

  2. 600!!! Go girl! I've thought about NaBloPoMo since I was still new last year but it scares me still. Maybe next year. 3rd time might be the charm. =)

  3. Congrats and good luck! I run out of ideas so there's no way I could do it. But then again, it's a good way to make yourself be more disciplined about writing, so you never know! You might just convince me for next year! 🙂

  4. If you love writing that much, you'll probably have fun with it! Also, right after November comes December, and it'll be fun to take some time off then!

  5. Of course, you should do NaBloPoMo! I'm doing NaNoWriMo again. (Got a crazy idea for a book just last Saturday, and I'm running with it!)Besides, if you're posting on your blog each day, it will help distract me from my novel. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on 600 posts. I was surprised to hear about your dad, I had no idea. Here's to another 600 posts and a great NaBloPoMo.

  7. It is my first time as well to hear about 'NaBloPoMo", wow making a post every day for the whole month must be tiring especially when you run out of idea and you still have other things to do, but it is worth it isn't. There's this calm and relaxing feeling that blogging gives to us. Will be waiting for the pictures 🙂

  8. A blogfriend of mine recently told me I write about everything, including passing wind! Which is probably true. But I will not (like you) include photos of my colleagues, friends or family anymore. I don't know whether they would or wouldn't mind and therefore I just don't do it.Looking forward to your daily blog posts!

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