Homecoming: Through Two Sets of Eyes

Through My Eyes: 

As we enter the door after three days away, my sigh of relief is short lived. I see a carload of luggage to be brought in and unpacked. I see piles of laundry waiting for tomorrow to be done, and dinner to be made since we have spent the whole weekend splurging on dining out. I see the toys scattered all over the floor and the rinsed breakfast dishes waiting to be loaded into the full dishwasher. What I see in front of me all entails a lot of work…for me.

Through My Daughters’ Eyes:

Lily and Emmy come through the door after three days away, and practically fling themselves on the floor; they are so happy to be home. They pick up toys from the floor; toys that had to be left behind, and start playing. They need much urging to leave their play to help bring their little pink and purple suitcases into the house, only to abandon said suitcases right inside the entryway to run around the house. They run up to their rooms; they each have their own space back again. They run out to play; their yard once again a beloved play space.

One thing that all of us see, however, is the comfort of our own beds. Oh, how happy the girls are to go to sleep, each in their own bed! As I crawl under my own blankets, I am just as happy to be home once again.

This was a five-minute writing exercise for Bigger Picture Blogs’ new book club! Won’t you join us?

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7 Replies to “Homecoming: Through Two Sets of Eyes”

  1. It's definitely work to come home with all the laundry and unpacking, but man does it ever feel good. And you're right. Bed is the best part!

  2. My own bed is the best. I pray that your girls will be able to enjoy this part of life for as long as possible. When we are younger we want to grow up so fast but then all the responsibilities come our way. I want to play on the floor with my toys!!!!

  3. Coming home is a great feeling. I usually rush through putting stuff away and then slump down on the couch, MY COUCH, and relax. Hope you guys are well!

  4. There really is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Plus being in your safe, welcoming home as dirty as it might be really is like taking a load off.

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