High Maintenance

We bloggers are a needy lot. We’re pretty high maintenance, don’t you think? We want people to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join our BlogFrog community. But our bread-and-butter is comments. We just can’t get enough comments on our blog posts!

Tonight I’m participating in the Comment Cocktail Hour since I’m greedy for comments. If you are new to my blog, here’s a cheat sheet:

  • I’m forty-something with two little girls, Lily and Emmy. I write about my girls a lot, but so far I have written more posts about Lily than about Emmy. I’m trying to make up for this before Emmy is old enough to realize I’ve ruined her life.
  • One of the reasons I had children later in life is because I survived breast cancer at an early age, and had to wait to have kids. (I also had to find a husband, and that took some time as well!)
  • I’ve been blogging since 2008, but have yet to publish a book. I’m seriously behind, y’all.
  • I’ve always wanted to write “y’all” in a post, but since I’m Northerner, I don’t know if that’s allowed. A Southern drawl just doesn’t come naturally to me, y’lal. See, I messed up my drawl.

Tell me, what have you always wanted to do with your blog?

If that’s too complicated, just say HI! I promise I’ll stop by your blog to say HI in return!


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50 Replies to “High Maintenance”

  1. Hey Ginny! How goes it? I've always wanted to focus on interviewing artists/crafters who also sho their work & post lots of tutorial.Kind of like having my own lil free magazine. Until last fall I had a decent weekly schedule of interviews & tours but life got in the way – lol

  2. Based on bullet point #3, I'm guessing you have an interest in being published. To that extent, I will share with you the publishing blogs I consider "must follow."1) http://blog.nathanbransford.com/ (Nathan Bransford is an author who used to also be a literary agent. Great stuff about publication, writing, getting an agent, you name it. Also, check out his writing forums. You can find advice on your first page, your query–all sorts of stuff.)2) http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/ (Janet Reid is one of THE top literary agents. Her blog is hilarious).3) http://queryshark.blogspot.com/ (The Query Shark is actually Janet Reid. On this blog she shows you great queries that people submit as well as queries that stink. The latter she rips to shreds with her great white shark teeth.)4) http://pubrants.blogspot.com/ (Kristen Nelson is a nice Midwesterner who runs a literary agency in Colorado. She always has great stuff about the publishing industry. She seems really nice, too.)5) http://www.guidetoliteraryagents.com/blog/ (New stuff posted every day!)O.K. I should probably quit now. What am I writing, a comment or a blog post?

  3. Amen! Comments? – gimme gimme gimme gimme!The hope I have for my blog is to find real connection with friends, ones I already know and others I'm meeting in Blog World (like you). I like to think my love of comments is more about the connection than my need to be validated 😉

  4. Stopping by from the #Cocktail party! Being greedy for comments is okay in my book…because when I get them they always make me feel so goood!

  5. We are a comment hungry lot, aren't we? I'm a northerner, too by birth but I can drawl with the best of 'em!

  6. Your blog is too cute! I especially love the name because my last name in Spanish means lemon! 🙂 So glad I found your blog through the SITS Comment Cocktail Hour! 🙂

  7. Hi SITSta. I've always wanted to learn more html so I can do more to personalize my blog. I'm learning as I go now. I have 2 little boys, so I look forward to reading your blog and living my little girl dreams through you 🙂

  8. Stopping in from cocktail hour. Looking forward to reading through your posts. I'm following you on FB now

  9. Love those comments, right? I've been blogging for a couple of years now, and love it! It's been a learning experience, and very therapeutic. I love sharing what Learn, what i know, and what I love with others. Peace. 😉

  10. I have two girls, too! And I was born a Yankee but have lived in the South for over 20 years, so that makes me an honorary Southerner. You can say y'all. We don't mind. 😉

  11. I very cute blog. I'm waiting for the day that I can just think at my computer and the perfect post will appear on my blogs. sigh.One more surfing in from cocktail hour.

  12. I think a little comment wets everyone's whistle!!! Happy Hump Day!!! Stopping by for some Comment Cocktail Love!

  13. west coast girl who uses y'all ALL the time so i super hope it is not illegal. that would make me sad!

  14. Hey there! I am glad I found you thru the SITS cocktail hour! I will have to come back to visit soon! Bernice

  15. I love your special post too! I would love to do more writing ultimately… getting the chance to do that more and more. I have no idea if I'll ever have anything to write a book about! That seems so daunting!Have fun reading all of your comments!

  16. Very cute!! Whew I can't imagine being older and having kids.. I am exhausted in my twenties with kids!! You go girl! <3 Anyone can say yall!

  17. I'm needy too. It's okay. We're allowed. I've always wanted to know a bunch of people are reading my blog. It would make me post more. See, I'm already behind in the concept. LOL Soon they will come. Soon 😉

  18. Im a southern girl who says y'all all the time and am so excited to find a northern girl who spells it RIGHT!!!!!!!

  19. Love this post and your awesome sense of humor!! I'm stopping by from SITS, but will definitely be back to read more!

  20. I just want to inspire others with my blog. Right now I'm using it to highlight different charitable organizations for my March For Charity event. I'd love to maybe spin it off into a parenting and fashion magazine. I have big dreams for my blog to say the least.And there is nothing wrong with Northerners saying yall. Not all of us Southerners have that prominent Southern drawl.Visiting from SITS Girls Cocktail Hour.

  21. I totally have two nieces named Lily and Emmy. Only we spell it Emmie. I've never seen the two paired elsewhere before. Too cute!

  22. I adore your Northern drawl-less y'lal. LMAO I'm from Canada so you get an "eh" for effort!Visiting from SITS Cocktail Hour (perhaps I have had one or two myself … tee hee).

  23. Funny – the version of you that lives in my head when I read your posts takes on a drawl quite naturally! 😉 I've always wanted to put all the brilliant things on my blog that I compose in my head but don't find the time for. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee they'd be that brilliant in print…

  24. Hahaha, you're right. We are a needy bunch. I have no idea what I hope to do with my blog. I just like writing and interacting with people. Oh and having ppl tell me I am funny isn't bad either. 😉

  25. Ginny, Love this! I realized just how needy I am for the comments while on vacation! I was "sneaking" time on my computer more than a few times. I am trying to make a difference in some small way through my blog because cancer is so nasty and the support of others (and they don't have to have cancer) is so valuable, hence my love of comments! Looks like you got a few here to read!

  26. Hi! Visiting from the SITS Cocktail Hour, just now getting around to the commenting (with 2 young children at home I'm sure you can understand!)I see that you sometimes do recipe posts! From the name of your blog I thought it was mostly a food blog, but either way, it's a really cute blog design. If you have a MOST POPULAR recipe post, I'd love for you to link it in our Star Recipes Collection! Just started it this week so not many yet but growing daily. Also feel free to link up again at future weekly Make a Food-"e"-Friend Monday parties anytime you can. Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  27. I love the cheat sheet – what a great idea! And I agree (with you and everyone else, apparently) that comments are where it's at. Not ending sentences with prepositions is also where it's at. It's frustrating to write your heart out and not receive feedback. So happy to be stopping by from the #cocktail hour!

  28. I live in the south and even I don't say y'all. Actually, FL is more like a mixture of northern people with a few rednecks thrown in.

  29. I think I like my blog as it is. It's an extension of my baby books for the boys and that's the way I like it :)here from sits #cocktail

  30. LOL! We are a needy bunch, aren't we.Totally loved your summary, btw. And laughed out loud at the ruining of E's life. 🙂

  31. I want my blog to shine like it used to be and recieved lotsa comments hahahaCame over from cocktail hour, nice to meet you.

  32. I saw the blurb about the comment cocktail hour but I knew I could never commit to it! And yes, we do thrive on our comments, don't we?

  33. Oh a comment cocktail party…what a cool idea! I haven't been blogging as much lately (and since linky started charging, I didn't buy in 🙁 ) I know, I'm pretty cheap! You're right though. We are pretty needy!

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