Fries and Family for Writer’s Workshop

I’m writing two separate pieces in one post today for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. First, a poem inspired by the following prompt: Write a love poem to a favorite food. The second piece is about this prompt: Social media is an amazing way to reunite with old friends. Describe a good or not-so-good experience you’ve had with it.

Ode to French Fries

Oh, french fries, you’re glorious,
even though you’re calorious,
You simply are my favorite food.

Share you, I’ll never
Even though it will ever
Be said that I’m rude.

No ketchup, please,
I’d rather have cheese,
Or just sprinkle you with plenty of salt.

Although I just love your taste,
You really add to my waist,
Our love affair certainly must halt!

Skins on or nak-ed,
Fried, but not bak-ed,
Thick or thin, still I adore you.

After much consideration,
I’ll try moderation.
My love for you remains true!

If you wrote a poem to your favorite food, what food would you choose?

Mama's Losin' It

Facebooking My Way to Family

Basically, they thought I stole their uncle away from them. They were six and nine, and had had a doting uncle up to this point. Then suddenly, their uncle wasn’t as accessible any more. He became busy on the weekends, and visited less spontaneously. And when he did see them, he brought me along. They no longer had their fun-loving, rough-housing uncle to themselves. Instead, he was always holding hands and confiding in someone else: me.

I was a teacher, and I always got along with kids. I thought I would win them over instantly. However, it didn’t turn out that way. We got along, but our relationship was never “easy.” I disciplined them too much, unable to drop my teacher ways over the weekend. They resented me sometimes for just being there.

Their uncle and I married, and suddenly, I was their aunt. I don’t think they have ever called me “aunt”. I was just as bad; in the beginning, I referred to them as “my husband’s niece and nephew,” not “my niece and nephew.”

Along the way, they became teens. For some unrelated reason, I joined facebook. They friended me. We started chatting online. They commented on my statuses and I wrote on their walls. The relationships we had online seemed to be smoother and more natural than the relationships we had in person.

In my mind and in my heart, they became my niece and nephew. Just as I hope that in their hearts, they think of me as Aunt Ginny, and know that I’ll be there whenever they need me.

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27 Replies to “Fries and Family for Writer’s Workshop”

  1. I chose to write an ode to a stale cookie! It is a sad day indeed when a batch of white chocolate cherry cookies goes stale in my house, and I usually weep over them as I throw them into the trash. So, I wrote an "Ode to a Stale Cookie" for Mama's prompts! Hope you can stop by to check it out! P.S. French fries are a food group with me.

  2. I love french fries. Sometimes I will have just them for dinner. A big ole tray, fresh from the oven :)Visiting From Mama Kat's

  3. Oooh…french fries! I also love them with lots of salt. Gimme, gimme, gimme….I am getting hungrier as I go along reading all these food posts!Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  4. Mmm. french fries. I seriously need to stop reading these posts about food. I only ate lunch an hour ago, and now I've got cravings for french fries, cake, chocolate, and lattes . . . to name a few.

  5. Your poem is too funny! Hmmm… Mine would have to be about chocolate chip cookies.It is great that Facebook was able to bring you and your niece and nephew together. I haven't really had a great experience with it, but then again, I don't do much with it. I tend to focus more on blogging. I often wonder if the friendships I have online would be as good in person. What do you think?

  6. Great Poem and now I am in the mood for some fries ;)Glad you have a better relationship with your niece and nephew. FB makes talking to some people a lot easier.

  7. Ok, now I'm hungry for some cheese fries!Sorry about your neice and nephew. That's too bad, but you didn't do anything wrong. Is there more to it, like their mom or dad influenced them? Oh well, maybe things will get better as they get older and mature.

  8. I love french fries too. They are too die for and I have such a hard time staying away from them. Very cute poem about them.Stopping by via Mama Kat!

  9. Um, I share the same love of french fries. In fact, I choose to weigh 10 lbs more than normal just so I can continue eating fries. ;o) Found you from Mama Kat.

  10. Loved your poem —somewhat sensuous and very amusing. I like fries, but they've never been my favorite. When I was a kid, I often opted for a second helping of mashed potatoes rather than dessert. I could go for a large bag of potato chips —close enough to fries, I guess. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite food. My husband claims I would eat anything as long as it was topped with olives, parmesan, cream cheese, nuts, or chocolate. I've been dieting since May —so I've greatly reduced my consumption things that aren't really good for me. But I've been craving a big sloppy plate of spaghetti lately —with garlic bread, meatballs and tons of grated cheese.

  11. Well THAT certainly was good value for the money. 2 for 1! And great ones at that! Love the poem, and although I wish I couldn't I can certainly relate to your dirty little mistress. And the FB thing? Heartwarming! It is amazing the way a "means" can really connect you to someone.

  12. Mmmmmm….. fries! I love the big fat ones with cajun seasoning! Although I have them on special occasions because I am vain (really, there is no reason I can't be honest with you!).

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