Bucking the Bare Legs Trend

I haven’t been too happy with the trend of having bare legs while wearing a skirt or dress. I think it’s a great trend — for other women. It’s not because I don’t like my legs. I like my legs…except for one thing.

Pantyhose, nylons, stockings…whatever you call them…hide imperfections. Imperfections like spider veins.

While I am old enough to have developed spider veins because of pregnancies and other various reasons, I’ve always had transparent skin that shows my veins. One summer when I was 17, I wore shorts to work. One of my co-workers pointed at my leg and said “What’s that?” He was pointing at my veins. What a way to boost a teen girl’s self esteem, eh?

One advantage of having fair skin — phlebotomists and nurses love my veins. They rarely have trouble finding a vein when I need to give blood or have an I.V.

So understandably, I like to hide my legs and their bluish, purple-ish veins. But I also like to wear dresses and skirts.

I’ve thought about using self-tanners, or air brush in a can. But the directions on how to use those products scare me! I’m so impatient, I’m sure I’ll end up with streaky or orange-y legs.

Last Sunday, instead of my usual slacks, I wore a skirt to church. It was 20 degrees outside. I love this weather! I can finally wear my favorite accessory…black tights!

That’s reason enough to love living in Chicago during the winter.

 Winter has arrived to suburban Chicago.

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11 Replies to “Bucking the Bare Legs Trend”

  1. I'm not a fan of showing off my bare leg either. I hate even wearing shorts in the summer because I'm so fair! Thankfully, tights are back in!

  2. Too funny!!! As for these 49 year old legs…who wants to see them…so I am there with you!! Now tights…well I need to see if they come in X-Large…until then, I will stay in pants.

  3. I've never been too bothered by bare legs and I tend to snag tights within two minutes of wearing them anyway. Nowadays I don't wear many skirts or dresses anymore. I used to wear skirts to work, but they became a bit tight (no, I didn't grow, they became tight) and I couldn't wear them anymore.

  4. I have spider veins behind my knees and I HATE them! I must admit that I too appreciate the cold weather months when they don't have to show!

  5. I've banned skirts and dresses for the winter. Panty Hose and I just don't get along! I spend the winter months mostly in my blue jeans 🙂

  6. I have really fair skin, too, and I absolutely hate showing my legs. Mostly slacks for me. If I lived in that picture, though, I'd probably be wearing pantyhose under my longjohns under my pants under my snowsuit. Looks absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to see that kind of Christmas card scene one day!

  7. This could be my story. When I lived up north I could hide things but moving south years ago & now there is no where to hide….

  8. Yes…spider veins….and I don't think it's from pregnancies- I think I get them more from squatting on the floor and getting jumped on by my kids. Ahhh, Chicago snow. We'll be seeing it in a few weeks when we head up there for Christmas:)Enjoy your tights!

  9. I seldom wear dresses or shirts but I know I would wear pantyhose with them. I do like a bare leg in the summer. I too have fair/thin skin and you can see my veins. Never an issue having blood drawn. I remember wearing tights in Chicago, that was my favorite!

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