Is NaBloPoMo Over Already?

Yay! I’ve completed NaBloPoMo for a second year without my husband divorcing me or my children disowning me!

Writing a post every day for a month has just reinforced something I already knew. If I can’t think of anything to write, just sit down and start writing. What happens next may not be pretty, but something will get written.

Not only have I completed 30 days of writing, I just finished baking my four dozen Christmas cookies for my MOPS cookie exchange tomorrow. As I was baking, I had a great idea for this post. I do not remember what I was going to write, but it was going to be good.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am off in search of a neato “I completed NaBloPoMo 2010” button to display somewhere on this blog. See, I told you something would get written…and it ain’t pretty. While I still kinda have your attention, pop on over to Chris at a CRAZY kind of FAITH to give her a virtual high 5 for finishing NaBloPoMo, too! Way to go, Chris!

Off to find that button….

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8 Replies to “Is NaBloPoMo Over Already?”

  1. Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo!So has this created a "writing habit" now? That's what they say NaNoWriMo will do–get you writing everyday so that you stay in the habit of it.Hmm, we'll see . . .

  2. Haha…I love the button! Congratulations!! I can only imagine what it takes to be able to finish. Maybe next year!! =)

  3. Ginny…thanks for the endorsement! I laughed when I read your post…so true! BTW, I ended up snagging the Oct button instead of Nov (I've always liked Van Gogh!) It's been a good experience. Now if we can keep those creative juices flowing (and those cookies baking 😉

  4. Gee, you had a great blog post and then wrote this one? ;-). I write some of my best posts as I am going to sleep. Too bad I can't remember them the next morning. Maybe we need tape recorders on our shoulders or bedside tables.

  5. Congratulations to you!!!!!!!!! I probably have too much to say and my readers would want to kill me by the end of the 30 days…or stop coming!!! LOLWow on baking those cookies. I love the MOP program…to hear how old I am it was beginning when I had my first!!

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