Baby Pangs

I’ve decided: I’m done having babies.
Last weekend, we babysat my neighbor’s 7 month old son.

Yessiree, I’m done.

No more babies for me.

They drool, they cry, and they fuss.

Let’s not forget how much they spit up.

No way, Jose — no more babies.

I’m too old.

I like getting my sleep at night.

I’m enjoying my new teaching job.

Plus, all the bedrooms at our house are full.

We just don’t have enough room for a baby.

Ed’s with me one hundred percent.

Right, Ed?



Did you hear me, Ed?


(Ed holding Emmy when she was born.)

Hmmm…..another baby………..

10 Replies to “Baby Pangs”

  1. hehehe, that's funny. My husband and I are always wanting another one at opposite times, so if I want another, he's done and happy with 3, but when he has those feelings of wanting another one, it's always when I'm exhausted and am happy to stop at 3 (or should I say desperate to stop at 3).

  2. I also suffered baby pangs. Every 2 years. I had a son in 74 and had to wait 4 years before I had my daughter. Then I had my last, 2 years later in 80. I must have been part American Indian because I sure could read the signs. I had my tubes tied. Or I would have had dozens! I love my babies so very much!! The pangs kept coming but I just thanked God for the ones he gave me and went on. Oh my! Then Grandbaby pangs kicked in! My poor children! :-)Love you!! Grandma Patty Ann

  3. Sooo funny! I'm always glad for the rent-a-kid whenever we start to get the pangs. We'll probably have another one, but we'll wait until my hubby is done with nursing school. And it'll probably take me that long to be willing to give up sleep…

  4. They are a lot of work! That's what grandchildren are for only my kids are not listening to me. We worry about them getting pregnant in HS, then when they are grown and married they are not sure they want any!!!!

  5. People keep asking me if/when we'll have another (T just turned 1) my answer is, "I'll decide that when I get to sleep in the same room as my husband again." Truthfully, we'd love another, just can't imagine it right now!

  6. Awwww, he is sweet and looks so cute with your girls! I go through the same thing, NO MORE BABIES THOUGH. Jamie got snip snipped a couple of years ago and I'm glad he did or I might change my mind.

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