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Last June, Janna of Mommy’s Piggy Tales began a project to share our youth with our children. Every Thursday, I told a story about my childhood as if I were sharing it with my children. I’m happy to say that I finished the project, and now I have a collection of stories about my childhood for my children to keep, and hopefully treasure.

But my stories aren’t finished yet. The telling of Mommy’s Piggy Tales ended with the topic “After High School.” Many of the participants of Mommy’s Piggy Tales wrote in that last post that they couldn’t possible tell all that happened after high school in just one post!

So I was thrilled when Janna asked me to continue the storytelling! Every Monday, I will be guest hosting “My Young Adult Years” on Mommy’s Piggy Tales. Today, I wrote a preview about what’s to come with that project. Please click over to read more about “My Young Adult Years,” and join me in writing your stories down! You can also email me at lemondroppie(at)gmail(dot)com to sign up.

If you didn’t participate in Mommy’s Piggy Tales over the summer, now is your chance to join! Janna will begin a new session this Thursday, October 7. If you would like to record the stories of your childhood, read Getting Started for more information and to sign up.

I can’t wait to read your stories!

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  1. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing that — I hadn't heard anything about that …And I'm very happy that we're going to be fellow "Spring Chickens!" I love your blog and I see that we are fellow MOPS moms as well.Looking forward to getting to know you, your blog, and your gorgeous family better through our tribe!All the best,Amanda http://www.LifeIsASpectrum.com

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