Hallowe’en Crafts

My three year Emmy wanted to decorate this baby pumpkin. Thinking that I am crafty, I had her paint it first, and told her to let it dry. The next day, I found it on the kitchen table, with most of the paint scratched off by little fingernails. Crafty pumpkin — off to a great start!
She knew what she wanted this baby pumpkin to be, and I tried to pull it off using some supplies we had at home. What do you think it is? A crazy spider pumpkin with six legs? A crazy mustached man? A crazy tiger? (Notice the theme of crazy!)

Um, no, it’s none of those things! It’s supposed to be a black cat. 
Here’s a Halloween (fall) craft that actually worked and looked cute. 
At our last MOPS meeting we made these autumn luminaries. Our craft leader always find the greatest crafts for us! She found this idea on Martha Stewart’s website.

Here are my luminaries, all lit up!

It’s Halloween! The SITS Girls are sponsoring a Canon Rebel giveaway this weekend…it’s their way of throwing a Halloween Blog Party!

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6 Replies to “Hallowe’en Crafts”

  1. I love all your crafts! I am not the best at Crafts, and sometimes have Big ideas that never come to life like I had imagined it in my mind. Dropped by from SITS 🙂 Good luck on the giveaway!

  2. I love the luminaries! The crazy black cat is a cute story. Isn't it funny to see what kinds of things kiddos come up with?One more Halloween post, then it's NaBloPoMo! My husband thinks I'm crazy. (I'm just looking at it all as good discipline to keep blogging.)

  3. I love crafts! How fun! Hey, Ginny – if you need another meme, how about a weekly craft? I mention this because I am running out of craft ideas. My rough and tumble and overly macho 3 year old son? Yeah, he loves crafts. LOL

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