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Where were you?

Nine years ago, I was in my classroom. Hannah was thrilled to be celebrating her birthday – she was nine years old! I took my third graders across the hallway to the computer lab, and the lab teacher broke the news to me. She was practically in tears.

“A plane hit one of the Twin Towers.”

At that moment, I couldn’t comprehend what she was telling me. Was she making this up? Was she exaggerating? Surely what she was telling me couldn’t be true.

I continued to teach that morning, cocooned away in my classroom.

During lunch, teachers crowded into the Principal’s office to watch the news on TV. Details were emerging, and the feelings of horror grew. What should we tell the kids? Should we let their parents tell them? Even though our our rural Midwestern community was surrounded by corn fields and not tall buildings, some parents came to take their children home early.

After school, I called my boyfriend, just to hear his voice and make sure he was all right.

The next day, Hannah told me how upset she felt. She was old enough to realize that September 11 would be remembered as a horrible day for a long time.

But it was her birthday. I tried to reassure her. She was a special girl, and her birthday would continue to be a special day.

Happy 18th birthday, Hannah!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl. I'm sorry she had to have her day marred by tragedy. When I was given a due date of this week for my youngest, the thought crossed my mind that I'd rather avoid Sept 11, then I realized that was unreasonable and selfish. Just as you said, her day is still hers and still special. BTW, I was in the classroom too, but with high-schoolers, which was a different experience.

  2. Good Morning Ginny Sweetie…What a beautiful share and I love reading this one. How sweet to remember a little student and know that today she is 18. Where does time go? At that moment, at that time, you made her day memorable for her. I am sure she remembers you as well for the reassurance.We were all in so many places that day, but so impacted by that one event. Out lives changed forever in so many ways. Thank you for sharing sweetie. I pray you and the family are well. I still remember you in my nightly prayers sweet friend.Such a beautiful share. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. As a homeschool mom, only two miles from one of the largest airports in the US, we all stood in front of the TV in terror. I will never forget!!! As a mom of three teenage boys at that time, I also knew that they might be called to defend their nation!I walked today and told the Lord..,"Thank you for the last night years". Not for the war, but for protecting us, for protecting others…and that today I walked without the fear of bombs or anything like so many other countries live with daily.A moment in history we will all remember…and my we remember to continue to humble ourselves before a Mighty God with a heart of thanksgiving!!!

  4. a dear friend of mine has a son who is 9 today… He is 9 and it is his birthday. They will camp and canoe and be… it is true, life goes on and is… peace to you, Ginny … and to Hannah wherever she is. xxx

  5. Happy Birthday to you daughter.Wow, that must have been hard to keep teaching. It's interesting to see all the different perspectives of what everyone was doing on that day.And yes, I'm blogging at TWO blogs now! šŸ™‚

  6. That's the way it is isn't it? Even though something terrible has happened, life does go on. I hope Hannah has a great birthday and will remember it in years to come as more of a celebration than a horror that happened on that day!Are you still in touch with her by the way?

  7. No, I'm not in touch with Hannah. I just wish her the best, wherever she is! (Just another clarification — Hannah was my student, not my daughter!)

  8. I'm sorry – I'm sure I didn't read carefully enough – I did think it was odd because I hadn't thought you had grown children before… should have re-read to clarify! That's what I get for trying to catch up in my reader while feeding T and packing for a day-trip… Oops!

  9. I remember thinking it must not be real, and then wishing it wasn't real.9-11 is my husbands birthday. No one ever forgets his birthday anymore….

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