Apples and Sunflowers

Cezanne and the Apple BoyCezanne and the Apple Boy by Laurence Anholt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stumbling upon a great book is such a pleasant surprise! When my daughter, Emmy, picked up this book from a library display, I didn’t want to take it home. Emmy is barely 3 years old, and I didn’t think she would be interested in a book about an artist. Emmy insisted, and I begrudgingly put this book in our bag.

The librarians, however, knew what they were doing by placing this book on display. Emmy loved hearing the story about a little boy visiting his eccentric artist father on the side of a mountain. Lily, my five year old, enjoyed this tale even more! If you love great art, and you want to introduce great artists to your children, this book is a great place to start. Laurence Anholt has written several other children’s books about famous artists, and we’re going to see if our library has them!

Sunflower HouseSunflower House by Eve Bunting

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes finding a great book is not an accident. I read about this book on someone else’s Feed Me Books Friday post (was it yours?) and my daughters loved it! A little boy and his dad plant sunflower seeds in a circle to create a sunflower house. All his friends love playing in this unique playhouse, but then…fall comes, and the sunflowers start to die. How can this story have a happy ending? Don’t worry, it does!

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Anne @ Little Sprout Books is guest hosting Feed Me Books Friday today! Anne always has the best children’s book reviews. Please go visit her and find out for yourself!

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9 Replies to “Apples and Sunflowers”

  1. I always enjoy reading book reviews, esp children's books. The library has so many wonderful books to offer but I'm never quite sure when the kids are handing me books left and right which ones are enjoyable and which ones are dreadful. My kids would love the one about the sunflower house!

  2. Thanks…I will have to check these out….I love children's picture books and have collected them for my children and now for my one day grandchildren…well we are off to the library for some new finds

  3. Thanks for linking up to FMBF – and for the shout-out! We are growing sunflowers in our garden this year, so I'll definitely have to hunt down The Sunflower House!

  4. Ginny=Eve Bunting is one of my favorite author for childrens books the way she can tell a story and relate it to their world is wonderful

  5. Hooray! More book recommendations! I sure have missed these lately! I can't wait to read them with my kiddos and weigh in with you!

  6. Okay, I'm adding FMBF to my list of must-checks… we love us some books at Casa Fraught and I'm always searching at the library for new and wonderful ones. Thank you!!

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