Where in the World? Touring Northern Illinois

Have you heard of our infamous former Illinois governor? In 2008, Rod Blagojevich decided to make cuts in our state budget, and this included closing some of our state parks. We decided to visit these state parks before they were closed to the public. This slideshow has pictures from White Pines State Park, Castle Rock State Park, and Lowden State Park. The governor who replaced Blagojevich has reopened the closed state parks, much to our relief!

Do you have a place or a trip that you’d like to share with us? Show us Where in the World you’ve been!

A little sidenote: I originally had the slideshow above play to “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks, and YouTube informed me I was probably infringing on copyright law. So being the goody two-shoes responsible person that I am, I replaced the music with something benign. Nothing (probably) would have happened to me if I had left the slideshow the way it was…but I just felt the need to change it. (Why is “Breakin’ the Law” by Judas Priest suddenly playing over and over in my head?)

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9 Replies to “Where in the World? Touring Northern Illinois”

  1. Great video. We've never been to Illinois, your parks are beautiful! I'm glad to hear the new governor reopened them.LOL about the music, I was thinking that what you picked kind of reminds me of the merry go round music at Dollywood.

  2. What a great video! It looks like you all had so much fun! I am glad they oped up the State Parks again, it would be such a shame if they couldn't be enjoyed anymore. And LOL at the YouTube infringement, I would have done the same thing though!!

  3. Most of the time I can't figure out how the voters voted that moron in. I guess he lost it after he got in there? I don't know…but I'm glad the parks are back open!

  4. Blagojevich? Never heard of him. *wink* *wink* :)I'm so glad the parks are back open. It looks like you guys had a great time.

  5. I almost had a little of kittens when I read that Blago closed the state parks! Imagine my relief – and lack of feline labor pain – when you followed it up with: they are reopened. Good grief! I was about to relive my teen years of chaining myself to trees in the Shawnee!

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