Where in the World? Rocky Mountain National Park

We did it! Not only did we survive a 3-day trek from Illinois to Colorado, but we survived the drive back home!

We’ve been gone for 10 days, and and I took a break from the blogging world. And here are some pictures I took while we were away, with more to come! We spent four days exploring Rocky Mountains National Park. I took the photo above on a ridge above Lily Lake. (Remember, Lily isn’t my daughter’s real name, so she didn’t think twice about visiting a lake named Lily.)

We promised the girls that we would climb a mountain, and hiking up that ridge did the trick. The girls were great hikers! We really wish we could have spent more time in the Park, but the time we spent there was great.

We also took them up to the tundra and found some snow. Lily wrote her name in the snow, and Emmy threw a snowball at her daddy. It was very cold up there in the mountains!

 Where in the World have YOU been?


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9 Replies to “Where in the World? Rocky Mountain National Park”

  1. How awesome…it has been years since we put all five of the kids in the car and camped across the states…I so miss that. I am wanting to pack the two that are still at home and head to Colorado!!! What awesome memories you have made and always so worth it. My memories of the few vacations we had will be in my post to come…because they were usually the highlight of the year.Can't wait to see more beautiful pictures…I can join you as my virtual vacation. LOLJanette

  2. What a beautiful location and experience! The girls will never forget it! I visited national parks as a child and those memories have never left me.

  3. Yea! You were almost in my backyard! Isn't it beautiful there, and crazy how cold it still gets! I love the picture with all the snow in the background!

  4. I love Rocky Mtn. National Park. I haven't been there in a very long time. We always made that trip from Illinois too!

  5. Colorado is so beautiful!! I've only ever been to the Denver Airport (layover), but I've always wanted to see more of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

  6. Wow, I can't believe you saw snow in June, that's INSANE! No snow here in FL, just extreme heat. We haven't been anywhere but we're going for a beach weekend in a couple of weeks. Glad you had a fun trip!

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